Cutting DFA budget cuts into city

Published 4:55 pm Friday, April 26, 2019

Dear Editor:

Budget … a challenge to us as individuals, corporations, businesses and certainly cities and towns

across the nation. The City of Franklin is no exception. City Council has worked diligently to

make the most of a shortfall of funds. They have made difficult decisions that affect many.

Though a county resident, this week I attended the public hearing regarding, among other things,

the 2019-2020 budget.

Franklin was my home for my first 40 years and will always remain an important part of my

life. I was troubled that cuts had to be made throughout the budget, particularly cuts to

Downtown Franklin Association, where employees and volunteers have labored hard to bring the

best to our city to help it grow. Fabulous new businesses (Busy Bee, Franklin Steak and

Seafood, Kathara, Lavender and Lace, Spoken Interiors, Tiers to You and Vintage) have joined

the other wonderful shops and businesses in downtown, largely thanks to DFA. Soon a coffee

shop and an art/theatre/ice cream complex will come to fruition. Children have enjoyed safe

trick-or-treating at Halloween Treats for Kids and have happy memories of being part of the Elf

Parade at Christmas. Hundreds look forward to warmer weather so they can attend We Be

Jammin’. The Farmers’ Market gets bigger and better every year, attracting hundreds. The

murals and planters around town say, “This town is special!” The visitors’ center at the train

station and Casey’s clock say “Welcome to Franklin, and we are proud of our past!”

All of these wonderful things could cease to be if we cut the DFA budget. A cut here would be

like a cut to the marketing department of a corporation or business. If we don’t continue to

reinvent Franklin and grow our downtown, even more cuts may be necessary in the future.

Would council members consider giving up their stipend? Could we have a “Pass the Hat” event

so citizens could be part of the solution? Franklin survived a flood … let’s work together!

Sandra Johnston Kirkland

Southampton County