Supervisors propose $63.23M budget

Published 6:52 pm Friday, April 19, 2019


Southampton County’s draft budget of $63,231,606 for fiscal year 2019-2020 was agreed on during the workshop this past Wednesday, and is anticipated to be finalized during the board’s meeting on Monday, April 22. As previously reported, a 4-cent increase in the real estate tax rate had been recommended, but that’s now at 4-1/2 cents, which could make the rate at .895 per $100. Should that pass, the projected revenue could be increased by $80,845.

As for the expense side, the proposed salary increases for the BOS members have been cut, creating a savings of $5,950. Another $15,619 in savings could be realized with the installation of a trash compactor at the Sebrell Refuse site in the second quarter of the next fiscal year.

The next opportunity for public comment will be for the final draft on Monday, May 20. The adoption of the budget and tax rates is anticipated for Tuesday, May 28.

In other business this Monday, a public hearing is scheduled for the priority list for secondary and unpaved roads as well as the FY 2020 budget for them. A representative from the Virginia Department of Transportation is expected to give an overview about the matter.

Some of the roads that could receive attention from the Central Transportation Board are General Thomas Highway near the Nottoway River, Buckhorn Quarter Road, Delaware Road and Warrique Road. The later could see work done this summer.

Two other county items needing attention are the repair or replacement of school roofs and the property acquisition and project design of the courthouse. During the February meeting, Davenport and Co. made a request for proposals about providing interim funding options for two projects.

The estimated cost for the first is expected to not exceed $5.95M. The latter, the amount for getting land to expand the courthouse, if necessary, plus the designs, is expected to not exceed $2.2M.