Take me out to the ball game

Published 5:51 pm Friday, April 5, 2019

The weather is starting to warm up. Trees and flowers are starting to bloom and the long-dormant grass is starting to turn green. All of these signs of spring can mean only one thing: It’s time to play ball.

For the many fans of baseball and softball here in Western Tidewater, this is undoubtedly your favorite time of the year. Our local college and high school teams have been playing now for several weeks and major league baseball is now underway. But if you truly love ball, and we mean really love it, the best games in town are often being played on Friday and Sunday nights at ball fields scattered across Franklin and Southampton County.

The ball players who comprise the local teams in the Southampton and Sussex baseball and softball leagues are on the field for the purest of reasons, to emulate their favorite big leaguers and play for pure love of the game. The coaches do it because it keeps them connected to a game they love. Community members show up to man the grills and concession stands because they remember how much community ball meant to them as kids.

Every Wednesday, we publish the results of the previous weeks’ games as well as the schedule of games for the upcoming weekend. Looking for something to do on a Friday night that’s sure to bring a smile to your face? Scan the schedule for games being played on a field near you. Show up 30 minutes early so you can grab a good seat and catch up with friends and neighbors. Get a hot dog (or two) from the concession stand, sit back and enjoy one of the greatest games on earth. Take it from us, you’ll be glad you did.