Drelyn Ford staying active

Published 6:46 pm Friday, March 29, 2019

FHS senior preparing for his time at Wake Forest University


High school football and basketball are now pleasant memories for Franklin High senior Drelyn Ford, who this past December signed a commitment to play football for Wake Forest University starting this autumn.

But the senior isn’t sitting around waiting for the time to pass until a diploma is put into one hand and then a football into another. There’s still plenty of studying to do, and when he’s not hitting the books, Ford remains active physically.

There’s been workout plans provided, conditioning and some weight-lifting. On April 6, he goes to WU for the spring game, orientation and scrimmage. A week before his graduation on Friday, June 14, Ford will sign up for an elective summer class so as to lessen the academic load in the fall.

“I’ve just been working out. I joined the baseball team last week. [He had considered track.] Workout and come home. I don’t like relaxing,” he said during an interview earlier this week. His positions are first base and right field.

This sport isn’t a new one to him.

“I played until I was 12 — county league for Hunterdale,” Ford said. “Baseball was my favorite sport when I was young.”

But in sixth grade, the pastime gave way to basketball, and then football two years later.

Looking back at his years on the courts, especially the last one, Ford said, “I think I became a better scorer. I dropped a little bit in rebounds. The stats dropped a bit too, about 7 points a game this past season.”

At Wake Forest, his priorities will be academics and football, but it’s not likely he’ll return to basketball on the college level.

“I think it’s safe to say he’s played his last basketball game,” said coach Robby Cutchins, who was present for the interview.

He recalled, “One of the greatest games was the last game versus Lancaster. It was the for regional quarterfinal. There were 30 points, 18 rebounds and six blocks. We defeated the state champ from last year.”

Cutchins also said of Ford, “He’s a phenomenal young man. I was his coach for the last four years, and had the opportunity to see him grow and develop as the athlete and young man he’s become. That’s what it’s all about. He has the confidence to go on the next level and be successful.”

Ford was no less appreciative.

“I want to thank all the staff and my coaches I had at Franklin High School and all who came to the games. I think my family and last, but not least, God.”

The coach provided the following numbers for Ford’s time on the courts.

• Freshman: 98 points; 124 rebounds; 40 blocks

• Sophomore: 293 points; 298 rebounds; 123 blocks

Also that year he made 1st Team All District, 1st Team All Conference and 2nd Team All Region

• Junior: 401 points; 351 rebounds; 100 blocks. Ford made 1st Team All District, and was named District Player of the Year; 1st Team All Region and was named Region Player of the Year; he also made 2nd Team All State.

• Senior: 409 points; 251 rebounds; 78 blocks. That year he made 1st Team All District and was named District CO Player of the Year; named to 1st Team All Region and named Region CO Player of the Year; and also made 2nd Team All State.

Career totals: 1,201 points; 1,024 rebounds and 341 blocks