Do your part

Published 5:43 pm Friday, March 29, 2019

What helps makes the difference between thieves and other criminals getting caught versus going scot-free?


Theft of cars is an example. It’s one of the simplest crimes to commit, which means it’s also one of the simplest to prevent. It takes almost no time at all to lock your vehicle doors and keep valuables out of sight, and doesn’t require any expenditure of money or effort. And yet it’s surprising that so many people don’t take this small amount of time to protect one of their most expensive possessions.

It’s not just about your car and what’s in it — it’s a matter of public safety.

The reasons to lock the doors to your vehicle don’t end with the possible theft of valuables left inside. Leaving doors to a vehicle unlocked could lead to entry to your home if there is a set of house keys or a garage door opener in the glove compartment. This could lead to the theft of even more valuables and jeopardizes the personal safety of your family.

In addition, leaving vehicle doors unlocked frequently leaves the open invitation to future crime in your neighborhood. Criminals do share information, and word will get around if your neighborhood is known as a good place for theft. You can do a lot to help keep your neighborhood safe just by pushing a button.