Capron students enjoy doughnuts with their dads

Published 6:39 pm Friday, March 29, 2019

Ka’Miyah Smith, KayLynn Smith, Kevin Smith (father), Kevin Smith (son) and Jasion Taylor are having a delightful morning together at Capron Elementary. — Kathy Thompson

Kathy Thompson


Capron Elementary School recently hosted a morning of Doughnuts with Dads.

Our event provided an occasion for young students to share special time with a parent or another adult important in their lives.

Our dedicated parents and their valued support play such a vital role in our students’ lives and our schools, and, because of this, we try to actively include them in school events as frequently as we can. Our informal social event was the perfect chance for parents to mingle with one another and enjoy time with their children.

It was a huge success and was enjoyed by all.