You can help keep our rivers, land clean

Published 11:47 am Wednesday, March 27, 2019


As part of the Clean Rivers initiative, a group from the Franklin Lions Club picked up trash at the Bogart Street retention pond last Saturday. The pond and banks were littered with trash due to recent rains which had washed trash into the storm drains that empty into the pond. With the help of a canoe, the Lions Club group was able to collect eight large bags of trash from the pond and its banks.

A concerned citizen had been observing all the trash that had accumulated recently in the pond and brought his granddaughter to help the Lions because he wanted to teach her that we must all be stewards of the earth. He had recently witnessed a person at a convenience store clean out a large amount of trash from her vehicle into the parking area while her children watched. The grandfather’s thoughts were “What a poor example this is to the children, who will think it is all right for them to litter just like their parent.” The grandfather also observed that there will always be those who thoughtlessly litter, but if there are enough good stewards, we can keep our neighborhoods clean. He stated that “It is up to the adults to teach the young to respect our environment and to keep it clean.”

The Franklin Garden Club and the Historic Southside Chapter of Virginia Master Naturalists have designated April as Clean Rivers Month, although volunteers may choose any time before or after April as well. We welcome the help of groups of people from businesses, churches, civic clubs, youth groups, and others. We also encourage individuals to volunteer. Select any spot either in Southampton County or in Franklin that you want to pick up litter. It can be a roadway, a park, a highway, a stream, or a river. You choose the day you will pick up and the amount of time you want to spend. Just let either Anne Parker or Dick Gilbert know which spot you have chosen and also please report to either of them the number of bags you collected and the number of people who helped. Anne can be reached at 621-2149 or by email at Dick may be reached at 562-2682 or by email at All the equipment you will need will be provided. Also, remember to invite young people to help clean up so that they may be a part of helping keep our community clean!

Richard B. Gilbert