Young equestrians help horse rescues

Published 8:09 am Saturday, March 16, 2019

Britches & Boots 4-H Horse Club member Rachel Brown cleans a saddle that has been donated for sale for Stormy’s Store. — Submitted Maura Britt

By Maura Britt


The Britches & Boots 4-H Horse Club has continued meeting in January and February. The club planned service projects and green level training to work with some of the horses at Diamonds in the Rough Equine Rescue.

In January, club members visited Diamonds in the Rough to help sort through donations for Stormy’s Store. We learned that Sonja Reuter started the horse rescue around 2010 and shared with us that Stormy’s Store is name after the first horse that was rescued.

Many people asked how they could help and learned that many of the horses coming to Diamonds in the Rough needed blankets, halters and lead ropes as well as other items. Caring people donate their used horse blankets, tack and other horse items to help.

Diamonds in the Rough Equine Rescue is a member of the Virginia Equine Rescue Organization. If member organizations have a rescue come in that needs help, Diamonds in the Rough will share extra blankets and items with those rescue organizations in need. Everything that cannot be used at Diamonds in the Rough or needy horses in other member organizations, is sold in Stormy’s Store to help support the Diamonds in the Rough.

4-H Club member Lily Elkins clean another saddle donated to Diamonds in the Rough Equine Rescue that will go into Stormy’s Store. — Submitted Maura Britt

Rescue horses need horse feed, hay, their hooves trimmed about every four to six weeks, their teeth floated one to two times a year, vaccinations and more to get them back to health.

How can you help? If you have buckets or blankets or horse items that you are no longer using, please consider donating them to Diamonds in the Rough Equine Rescue. The website is Some of the horses available are on the website or Facebook page at

The Britches & Boots 4-H Horse Club tries to go to Diamonds in the Rough Equine Rescue at least three to four times a year to help, more if we can. And there is so much to do each month to sort through the donations to see what Diamonds in the Rough horses can use and what should be put up for sale in Stormy’s Store.

If you would like to volunteer to help, please contact Diamonds in the Rough through their website or Facebook page. When we are grooming some of rescue horses during our service project, there is always a need for more brush boxes with a hoof pick, soft and hard brushes, curry comb, mane & tail brush, shedding blade as well as soft horse treats!

Everyone had a great time helping out at Diamonds in the Rough. We are excited to be able to go back again.

On Saturday, March 23, we will have a fundraiser at Tractor Supply from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. with a bake sale and yard sale. Please come visit us and enjoy some baked goods and visit the yard sale tables. Please rent at table/space from the club for $25 (you help us) and you bring your items for the yard sale with your cash box and cell phone credit card app (if you would like to take credit and debit cards). You can sell your items, and help someone find a treasure (which helps you). So everyone can come and enjoy a great day. If you would like to rent a table/space for $25, please contact Maura Britt at 562-5353. A table/space is rented for cash or check to VCE Southampton County with Britches & Boots 4-H Horse Club in the memo prior to Saturday, March 23. Tables and spaces are limited.

Britches & Boots 4-H Horse Club members enjoy many activities and give service to the community. 4-H has to offer so many opportunities for youth ages 5-19. To join 4-H, you can register online at, or call the Southampton County Extension Office at 653-2572.