Blackwater Robotics competes at FIRST Chesapeake-Richmond event

Published 9:02 am Saturday, March 16, 2019

By Suzanne Blythe


Blackwater Robotics, FRC Team 1610, competed at the FIRST Chesapeake – Richmond Robotics

Event on the weekend of March 2-3. Blackwater, along with 36 other teams from across Virginia, competed at this event. The team had 12 qualification matches at Richmond; after those matches the team ranked seventh with 10 wins and two losses.

In alliance selection, for the elimination matches, Blackwater was selected to ally with Team 384, Sparky 384 of Tucker High School in Henrico, and Team 3359, Royal Robotics of Churchland High School in Portsmouth, joined 384 and 1610 for a third seeded alliance.

In the quarterfinals, the alliance went up against the sixth seeded alliance of Team 422, Mech Tech Dragons of Maggie Walker Governor’s School in Richmond; Team 6334, Aluminati of Midlothian; and Team 3258, MADAWGS of Martinsville High School in Martinsville. The third seeded alliance defeated the sixth seeded alliance with scores of 61-49 and 62-51 to move into the semifinals.

In the semifinals, the third seeded alliance went up against the second seeded alliance of Team 6802, the Mean Caimans of Cedar Bluff; Team 977, the Cometbots of Halifax High School in South Boston; and Team 540, TALON 540 of Godwin High School in Henrico. After the first two matches, both were tied one match each with scores of 60-57 and 66-74. In the last semifinal match, the third seeded alliance edged out the second seeded alliance with a score of 55-51 to move into the finals.

In the finals, the alliance went up against a tough top seeded alliance of Team 346, RoboHawks of Bird High School of Chesterfield; Team 1262, STAGS of New College Institute of Martinsville; Team 539, Titan Robotics of Richmond; and Team 6882 (Backup to Team 539), Fahrenheit Robotics of Fredericksburg. The third seeded alliance valiantly fought in both matches with the top alliance, but ultimately lost both matches with scores 34-83 and 38-81.

In addition to Blackwater being Finalists at Richmond, the team also received the Judge’s Award. According to FIRST, “During the course of the competition, the judging panel may decide a team’s unique efforts, performance, or dynamics merit recognition.” Blackwater received this award on the basis of the design of the pneumatic system and use of recycled air for cooling the motors during the course of competition.

The team will compete at Churchland High School March 16-17 in the FIRST Chesapeake – Hampton Roads Event.