Youth basketball league holds championship games

Published 11:03 pm Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Rage versus Ballerz on the court. — Frank A. Davis


The youth group co-ed basketball and cheer league had its final championship games on Saturday in the J.P. King Jr. Middle School gym.

Game one featured the Ballerz versus the Rage team in the age 8-10 division. In the fourth quarter of play, the Ballerz held a 17-10 led over the Rage team. With 3 to 4 minutes remaining to play, the Rage went into a full court press, forcing turnovers and scoring from it. Going into the final seconds the score was 19-18 with the Ballerz holding the lead. The Rage made a last run, but could not score, thus allowing the Ballerz to win the game.

Game two featured the Wolfpack versus the Roadrunners in the 11-14 age division. The Roadrunners had no problem leading 25-10 at the half. From there they easily controlled the game to seal the win with a score of 36-23. This program was sponsored by the Youth Group and the Franklin Department of Parks & Recreation.