Love of Newsoms made solid

Published 1:38 am Saturday, March 9, 2019

The recent dedication of the new firehouse in Newsoms is an example of how residents in Western Tidewater communities can support one another, especially if the cause or project is on that serves the greater good of the locality and even beyond. For example, many is the time the town’s volunteer fire department has been called to assist other firehouses, and vice versa.

Obviously, the firefighters of the NVFD have good reason to be both proud and grateful for their new facility.

As we hope you read the other day, this project was made real not only through regional businesses, such as Farmers Bank and Dominion Energy, but also largely through individuals such as Hugh and Janet Vincent Jr. and one of their sons, Dean, who was the project engineer. Their love for Newsoms has been made solid, and we are all thankful for that dedication.

We also encourage other Newsoms residents to give their time and talents in learning to combat fires, which will help in saving lives and properties of their neighbors.