Majority of people have spoken against correctional center

Published 6:58 pm Tuesday, March 5, 2019


Mr. Albert Burckard mentioned in his letter to the editor [“IOW supervisors did the right thing” March 3], regarding the IOW Board of Supvervisor’s meeting held on Feb. 21, that only a small minority of our 37,000 residents in the county voiced a very few substantive objections to the JDC. Of the hundreds at that meeting, the majority who spoke to the board were from Windsor and Carrsville districts and were opposed to this project. In my opinion, most people in other parts of the county don’t give a hoot what goes on in Windsor. And of the 37,000 residents he mentions, I would estimate that very few even knew about this, as evidenced by my own door-to-door canvassing. It was not well published or made transparent to the citizens in general.

The majority of the people voiced their research and opinions why the JDC should NOT be placed in their community. If Mr. Burckard is so passionate about this project, I’m sure he is looking around in Carrollton for a place for the JDC in the event it doesn’t happen in Windsor.

One gentleman, Mr. Dick Holland, elaborated on 10 SPECIFIC UNTRUTHS the board has proclaimed as they have proceeded to push this project through.

The location was changed from being in a wooded area (to hinder escapes), to now being on the road front of Route 258, no wire, no fencing, just a wall of some sort.

Mr. Burckard mentioned the ages of the inmates would start at 11. That’s NOT what Mr. Andy Block of the Department of Juvenile Justice said. He said that the inmates will start at 14 and go up to age 21, having committed felonies, some of which include murder and rape. Let’s be truthful about this!

The board admitted they did NO research on the effects of a project like this on a small rural town like Windsor. The board wants this project so they can get this (“albatross”) land off their neck. It doesn’t matter that they are giving the land away, ($200,000-plus) as well as paying $500,000 toward water and sewer lines. Windsor will receive no revenue nor the county any taxes from this deal. Once the state takes ownership, neither the county nor the town will have any jurisdiction over what they do with it.

Mr. Burckard ended his letter with a quote, and so will I: “Hand in hand with freedom of speech goes the power to be heard, and to share in the decisions of government which shapes men’s lives.”

– Robert Kennedy

The citizens of Windsor and Carrsville districts have not had that freedom to share in this decision!

I entreat all residents of my beloved community to do your research on how this will affect your family and community for generations to come; and make your voices be heard!

Guy Bennett