Every day should be Read Across America Day

Published 5:14 am Saturday, March 2, 2019

March 2 is Read Across America Day, which is a special day for children to celebrate reading as well as the birthday of the most famous children’s author, Dr. Seuss. In May 1997, a small reading task force at the National Education Association brainstormed and formed an idea to create a day to encourage reading. As a result, March 2, 1998, was the first Read Across America Day. Since then, educators, politicians, actors, athletes, parents, grandparents and others have created fun activities in order to encourage children to read.

While Read Across America is a one-day event, it is also important to read with children every day and night. With reading, especially at an early age, children gain a lot of benefits.

First, reading can improve communication skills. According to the Reach Out and Read National Center, children who read constantly will be much more likely to express themselves and relate to others in a healthy way. It teaches children the importance of active listening, and also helps them improve their vocabulary and language skills such as sentence structuring and word definitions.

Next, reading can help children with critical thinking. Children will be able to grasp abstract concepts, apply logic, recognize cause an effect, identify themes and use good judgement. Not only will children need these critical thinking abilities at for future classes, they will also need them throughout their entire lives as they interact with people and the world around them.

Most importantly, as society is becoming more and more fast paced, reading creates a bond between children and parents. One of the most important things a parent can do to have a positive influence on their child’s growth and development is to spend time with them. Reading to children is a great way to spend quality time, and as a result, it will give them a sense of being loved and nurtured.

That last reason alone should be enough to encourage you to read to a child.