Community prays for Cynthia Carver

Published 5:29 am Saturday, March 2, 2019


Men, women and children — black and white — filled the pews and aisle of Mt. Tabor Baptist Church on Thursday evening. All were united in hope that fellow Newsoms residents Cynthia Carver would soon be found safe. The 34-year-old mother of two children was reported missing by her mother, Ann, on Feb. 22. Carver was last seen on nearby Thomaston Road around 9 p.m. on Feb. 21.

In addition to the work of investigators, church members such as host pastor Rev. Jeremiah Cole participated in a search of their own on Thursday and Friday mornings.

The service featured prayers for Carter, her family, the community, the investigators themselves and divine revelation.

There was never a moment in the evening when anyone expressed any doubt that Carver would be found anything but alive. No one questioned aloud God why it happened, only that it did, and it was up to everyone to be patient, watchful and prayerful.

“God is still a miracle worker,” said one of the guest ministers, calling the audience to stand and applaud him. “We pray for everyone who has a missing person in their own families.”

Evil was also challenged that night.

“Satan, get your hands off of her. We rebuke you! We cover her two girls, her mother, her brothers and sisters in the mighty name of Jesus!”

Prayers were lifted up that leads will be made evident to the detectives. Prayers were lifted up for the community.

Solace and strength for family was requested, asking for no more sleepless nights.

“Bring her back,” said another pastor.

Anyone with information on Carver’s location or where she has been seen is asked to contact the Southampton County Sheriff’s Office at 653-2100 or the Crime Line 653-2900.