Put yourself in their shoes

Published 6:44 pm Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Imagine you’re the parent of a child who’s disappeared. Naturally, your thoughts and emotions would range from anxious to terrified. Where could that person be? Is (s)he in danger or hurt? That’s likely what the family of Cynthia Carver of Everett Street in Newsoms is experiencing now. As of this writing on Tuesday morning, Carver remains missing. Her disappearance, reported this past weekend, is highlighted by the fact that evidence of blood and a knife were found at her home by the Southampton County Sheriff’s Office deputies.

Now pretend you’re one of the people assigned to find said child. There are a few clues, but little else. Exasperated and frustrated might best describe your condition. What’s needed next is for someone to come forward who might have seen or heard something that came across as odd or even suspicious last Thursday night/Friday morning in the town.

Believe it or not, such input could really make a difference in helping investigators not only find Carver, but also in relieving the anxious minds of her daughters, mother and other family and friends.

This case can serve as a reminder to all that because law enforcement personnel cannot be everywhere, it takes an alert and watchful public to help them in protecting us, whether it’s seeking a missing child or solving a crime.

Whether it’s this case or another, if you don’t feel comfortable speaking directly to an investigator at 653-2100, there’s also Crime Line (653-2900), which enables a secure and anonymous way to provide information that could help.

Please do your part.