Looking Back

Published 6:40 pm Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Feb. 28, 1944

Clyde Parker

Raiford to expand

Raiford Memorial Hospital authorities have been informed by Kenneth Markwell, regional director of the Federal Works Agency (FWA), that an effective rating of AA-3 for critical materials has been issued by the War Production Board, making it possible for the Southampton County community to proceed with submission of plans for the proposed three-story wing addition to the hospital building in Franklin.

Plans and specifications are being prepared by Rudolph, Cooke and Van Leeuwen Architects of Norfolk; and, when the final drawings are completed, they will be submitted to the FWA regional office for approval. It is hoped that bids can be taken in the next few weeks and construction started shortly after the contract is awarded.

The new wings will provide 26 additional patient beds, a clinic/out-patient department, x-ray laboratory, obstetrical/operating rooms, a new dining room and upgraded kitchen facilities. The present building will house existing patient beds, remodeled administrative offices and patient waiting rooms.

The hospital addition and interior remodeling of the old building will be completed at an estimated cost of $164,000, including equipment. The Federal Works Agency will contribute $114,000, and the hospital will put up $50,000.

The buildings formerly occupied by the late R.A. Peters, Barber; Monaghan and Co., Laundry; and the Drewry Grocery Co., will be razed in order to make way for the new structure, which will have its frontage on Second Avenue.

Many old-timers will recall that the main part of the hospital, situated on the northwest corner of Main Street and Second Avenue, occupies the building that was originally the Virginia Hotel.


County exceeds war loan goals

Southampton County has more than done itself proud in typical Southampton fashion by clearing the goal of the Fourth War Loan campaign by a significant margin. Against its assigned quota of a cool million dollars, Southampton County, as of Feb. 22, had official credit in the amount of $1,306,056.50.

And, best of all, the sale of E Bonds, which was often reported as lagging, took remarkable support toward the last of the campaign, largely due to the house-to-house canvas staged by public-spirited and patriotic women of Southampton County. The county’s E Bond quota was $350,000. On last returns, which will be undoubtedly be slightly increased with the close of the month, the county people have bought $353,137.50 in E Bonds. Thus, our fine old county of Southampton has done its part in financing our involvement in the world war; our people have responded nobly, and everyone that was asked to take part in the work has come across in the finest possibly way.

Results of the special E Bond canvas for the town of Franklin, as reported by Mrs. S.W. Rawls, are as follows: Mrs. A.G. Williams, $700; Mrs. J.A. Staidl, $2,700; Mrs. T.C. Holland, $8,500; Mrs. J.H. Reid, $8,400; Mrs. A.H. Gee, $700; Mrs. R.H. Powell Jr., $550; Mrs. Sadie D. Wyche and Mrs. Ethel H. Harris, $4,525. Results from other parts of the county are pending.

The general county committee is composed of Hugh D. Camp, county chairman; John T. Claud, Drewryville; J.B. Kegley, Ivor; S.A. Lipscomb Jr., Franklin; Joe, Owens, Sedley, H.M. Purviance, Boykins; Marvin P. Sebrell, Courtland, W.H. Story, Capron; and L.O. Tyler, Branchville.


Franklin VFD holds annual meeting.

The Franklin Volunteer Fire Department held its annual dinner meeting at the Stonewall Hotel Wednesday with about 45 members and guests in attendance. Sponsored by the Town Commission, the meeting was well attended. And, with no exception, those in attendance expressed their appreciation for a very fine affair. Town Manager E.H. Wilkinson presided. After an excellent meal served by the hotel staff, Mr. Wilkinson turned the meeting over to Fire Chief C.H. Dougherty, who acted as toastmaster. Mayor R.H. Powell spoke of the town’s appreciation for the efforts of the department in affording excellent fire production.

Chief Dougherty spoke of a new type of fire-fighting equipment that is now available. It uses a high-pressure spray which he believes to be much more efficient in extinguishing fires than methods heretofore employed. The fire department hopes that this new equipment, in due time, can be incorporated in the Franklin VFD equipment inventory.

Town Commissioners Sol W. Rawls Sr., D.T. Prince and Gardner T. Edwards gave short talks for the good of the department. The need for more gas masks was mentioned several times. Trial Justice C.J. Edwards, Home Telephone Co. Manager Frank R. Day, contractor W. Hunter Scott and Chief of Police L.B. Pratt offered praise and appreciation for the Franklin VFD. And, Town of Franklin police officers Willie Burros and Lawless Cobb, wanting to add their “two cents worth,” spoke briefly.


CLYDE PARKER is a retired human resources manager for the former Franklin Equipment Co. and a member of the Southampton County Historical Society. His email address is magnolia101@charter.net.