Rock Church Lions remain undefeated

Published 6:16 pm Tuesday, February 19, 2019


rock church lions

The Rock Church Lions team is now 15 and 0. Submitted.

With their latest win, the Rock Lions Basketball team is now 15 and 0.

Rock Church Basketball is playing at a high level with being one of the smallest private schools in Virginia. The JV team continues its winning streak this season by beating Chesapeake Bay Academy last Friday by a score of 46 to 31 against.

D.J. Dillon was the leading scorer with 33 points. Adin Cochran of Chesapeake Bay Academy led his team by scoring 13 points.

“D.J. started the game knocking down his first five shots, which gave us an early boost,” said Coach Danny Dillon. “Ben Turner, Christian Fanjul and Cole Butler did a great job on defense and on the boards. When you get a few guys clicking on both ends, games tend to fall your way.”

The Rock Lions also defeated Suffolk Christian Academy with a score of 40 to 34. D.J. Dillon made 21 points and Ben Turner dropped a double-double with 17 points and 18 rebounds. Cameron Jones with Suffolk Christian Academy had a 13 points.

“Ben was a monster in this one,” said the coach. “Those are big numbers and the very reason we won!”

The week before, D.J. Dillon set an impressive career high with 38 points vs. Albemarle School from Elizabeth city.

Coach Dillon added, “We are excited about not dropping a game this season but we are more excited about showing our opponents our love for God!”

The Rock Lions finish out their season with games against Denbeigh Baptist School and Tidewater Academy.