Cub Scouts race in pinewood derby

Published 7:12 pm Tuesday, February 19, 2019



Just as drivers in NASCAR-sponsored events have to conform their vehicles to exacting standards, so too must Cub Scouts that participate in the annual pinewood derby tradition. On Feb. 10, the boys of Pack 27 were required to use the provided kits. The same went for some of their sisters and parents who got to join in the fun. These included a block of wood, some wheels and set of weights that would enable the finished product to gain momentum. Dry graphite was the only lubricant allowed, and each car had to weigh exactly 5 ounces.

The setting for this year’s event was the Franklin-Southampton County Fairgrounds. As fathers and sons made necessary last-minute adjustments, other family members gathered around the lengthy track. Kent Stephenson had created an electronic program that would enable the racers’ names and their results to be shown on a screen almost as soon as they crossed the finish line.

George Collins, the leaders of the Bears, said he could recall racing in pinewood derbys when he was a young Scout himself.

The racecars were decorated in a variety of ways, one which included Thomas the Train, and the other with Jedi Master Yoda at the wheel; Boba Fett guarded the flank. Nearly 30 entries were lined up atop the storage case, named after Stephenson’s late son, Carter, who was himself a Scout several years ago.

Fastest overall in the event were Andrew Hinson in first; Ethan Daughtry in second and Camden Collins in third.

The listing below of racers comes from Webelos I leader, Sharon Bay.


Leader Glenn Riggs

Jacob Riggs 11

Jace Johnson 15

Rob Bushing (adult) 18


Leader Jeremy Yoder

Ethan Yoder 6

Joshua Yoder (sibling) 7


Leader George Collins

Camden Collins 16

Dawson Collins (sibling) 17

Charlie Hall 3

Ridley Walsh 5

Web I

Leader Sharon Bay

Evan Bay (sibling) 19

Genevieve Bay 22

Matt Yoder 9

Ethan Daughtry 14

Liam Vickers-Kane 10

Alan Stephenson 4

Carson Story 13

John Holt (adult) 26

Russ Holt 27

Web II

Leader Cecil Edwards 8

Andrew Hinson 12

Owen Diehl 21

Jake Dunlow 25

Nathan Jones 20

Jadan Spratley 1

Debbie Spratley (adult) 2