Civic groups back detention proposal

Published 7:14 pm Friday, February 15, 2019



In contrast to the Town of Windsor and most of its residents, there are two civic organizations that are in support of the proposed juvenile detention facility in the county.

On Monday evening, the Isle of Wight Citizens’ Association and Carrollton Civic League both came out in favor with the following joint resolution. This was sent to the paper on Wednesday evening by Albert Burckard, vice president of the first group and president of the second.

Joint Resolution supporting the establishment of a Commonwealth of Virginia juvenile justice facility in Isle of Wight County

Whereas this facility will:

1. Demonstrate our county’s commitment to the future success of our youth.

2. Provide full-time career employment opportunities with excellent wages.

3. Pay significantly for the use of county supplied water.

4. Protect the public by helping court involved youth become productive citizens.

5. Reduce pressure to impose farm equipment tax.

6. Increase tax-paying residential housing throughout the county.

7. Create a feeling of safety in the surroundings of the youth involved.

8. Enhance investment for success in rural, agricultural areas of our county.

9. Provide evidence-based intervention practices to serve the youth involved.

10. Provide those things that adolescent youth need to grow into healthy adults.

11. Ingrain belief in the purpose of treatment, education and vocational training.

12. Improve employment opportunities in southern Isle of Wight County.

13. Support a sense of fairness in the accountability of consequences of actions.

14. Create opportunities for disadvantaged youth to contribute to society.

15. Provide opportunity and space for parental involvement and interaction.

16. Reduce the use of large and aging juvenile correctional facilities.

17. Ultimately replace older institutions with smaller, regional treatment facilities.

18. Enhance a statewide continuum of alternative placements and services.

19. Assist the local economy by creating 240 new jobs and positions.

20. Raise local median income by $20k by the addition of total $60k median wages.

21. Be designed to employ technology to ensure the safety of the community.

22. Encourage further development within the Holland Intermodal Park.

23. Encourage residential development and growth in the Windsor area.

24. Enable release of residents back into the local community they came from.

25. Provide water and sewer infrastructure enabling future projects in the area.

26. Significantly impact the local economy by the purchase of goods and services.

27. Allow leverage of $1M in additional infrastructure with $500K investment.

28. Encourage more investment and growth along the Route-258 corridor.

29. Prevent the return of the property to an extremely low agricultural tax base.

30. Reduce nitrate and other pollutants into the Chowan River watershed.

Therefore, be it resolved that the members of the Isle of Wight Citizens’ Association and the Carrollton Civic League unanimously support the offer of 20 acres of land to the Commonwealth of Virginia to construct a Juvenile Justice Facility.