Support your rescue units, hospital

Published 12:46 am Wednesday, February 13, 2019

To area residents,

For years, I have heard people in the area make comments about our hospital. Such things such as “Don’t stop there. Keep on to Obici or Norfolk General. Southampton Memorial Hospital is a “Band-Aid station.”

I would like to share a recent experience I had with our local medical professionals (yes, professionals).

I was in Franklin last week and was attempting to go into Lowe’s, when all of a sudden I had trouble with dizziness. I got back to my truck and decided to call 911 because I had never felt this way before. Within a matter of minutes, two Franklin EMTs pulled up to my truck. They were very professional. They kept me calm, asked me questions about the way I was feeling, and visually diagnosed me, checked my vitals, and loaded me up, and off to SMH we went.

Once I got to the ER, I was promptly attended to by a nurse that was assigned to me. (Nurse Lane). She was also very caring an professional. Soon, an ER doctor came to me and ordered a series of tests. It was discovered I was anemic and a room on 2 south was ordered for me. The hospital was packed with the seasonal complains, so it took a while to get upstairs, but they kept me comfortable while I waited. To keep it short, over a period of a couple of days, they tested, diagnosed, treated and turned me loose. Every nurse, doctor and environmental server were nothing but kind and caring.

This is not the first time this hospital has bailed me out of a life-or-death situation (ruptured appendix in 2013).

I know some have probably had less than desirable treatment at SMH, but I have heard the same about hospitals all over Hampton Roads. So you can decide the health care provider you want, but I will continue to go to SMH if needed (I hope not often), until they transfer me to a higher level center. Oh, and by the way, they do have “Band-Aids” if you need them.

Please support your local emergency support units and hospitals. They know what they are doing. I honestly believe they have your best interest in mind.

Miles L. Carr Jr.

Como, North Carolina