Southampton County Land Transfers

Published 12:55 am Wednesday, February 13, 2019

The following land transfers were recorded in Southampton County Circuit Court in January, 2019:

Irvin R. Ricks Jr. to Tanieka D. Ricks, Franklin City Lot 7 North Woods, $0

ALG Trustee LLC Tr. to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Trust Inst. #090000708, $156,333

Johnny Vaughn, Record real estate affidavit for termination life right on property, $0

Robert A. White Sr., Record real estate affidavit, $0

Carol Lee White, Record real estate affidavit, $0

Naomi D. Rainey by Aif. to Richard Roher Jr., Franklin City 2 parcels, $69,000

Jennifer R. Bernocco to Jennifer R. Bernocco, Franklin City Lot 52, $0

Atlantic Trustee Services LLC to Bronco Federal Credit Union, Trust Inst. #070001873, $84,757.56

Linda W. Joyner to Kimberly G. Joyner Banty, Franklin City 2 parcels, $0

MTGLQ Investors LP to Victor Negron, Franklin City 401 Hall Street, $20,000

Habitat for Humanity of South to Southeastern Property Management, Franklin City 2 parcels Riverwood Estates, $75,000

William Bryan Olson, $0

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to ALO of Virginia LLC, Franklin City 105 Hogart Street, $22,500

Smiles Apartments LLC to Cyrus J. Sears, Franklin City Lot 7 Block C Smith Johnson Sub Div, $55,000

Paul Camp Marks Farms LLC to John R. Marks Farms LLC, Multiple Farms Capron Dist., $0

Paul Camp Marks Farms LLC to Marks Brothers Farms LLS, Multiple Farms Capron Dist., $766,708

Paul Camp Marks Farms LLC to Marks Legacy LLC, Capron Dist. parcel 6 Brewer Farm, $427,930

Madison Wayne Rose, Probate will only, $0

Lena Mae Chappell, Real estate affidavit, $0

Randolph U. Hargrave to Michael U. Hargrave, Newsoms Dist. parcel F 1.00 Ac., $0

Kimberly Dishman Scott to Kimberly Scott, $0

William H. Parks Jr. to Christopher T. Johnson, Jerusalem Dist. 1.28 Ac., $200,000

Sparkmaster 5 Company LLC to S&D Holdings LLC, Courtland Town, $0

Brenda Bradshaw Daughtrey, Probate will and appoint executor, $0

Fabian W. Hewitt to John S. Stratton, Jerusalem Dist. Lot 5, $262,000

Larry A. Taylor to Jesse Hernandez, Berlin Ivor Dist. Lo 13 15.44 Ac., $375,000

Doris Perkins Bulls, Probate will only, $0

Charles Irvin Bulls, Record will and qualify executor, $0

Equity Trustees LLC to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Inst. #140001982, $163,897.50

Ryan H. Ballinger to Candace S. Atkins., Ivor Town New Road, $205,000

John Wesley Fowler to Joseph D. Johnson, 2 parcels Sykes Farm Road Boykins Dist., $0

Phyllis H. Walker to Ryan H. Ballinger, Berlin Ivor Dist., $260,000

Jean B. Blackburn to Ethan F. Holland, Jerusalem Dist. Lot 5 1.173 Ac., $106,500

Nancy P. Strickland to Robin S. Phippins Tr., Ivor Town, $0

James A. Nichols Jr. to Commonwealth of Virginia, $0

Richard M. Whitfield Sr. to Keith Dwayne Long, Newsoms Dist., $25,000

Lessie Patricia B. Jones to Mark E. Baker, Newsoms Dist. Riverdale Drive Lot 1 10 Ac., $26,000

Betty B. Banty to David B. Banty Jr., Capron Dist., $0

Timothy E. McCormick to William D. Scott, Berlin Ivor Dist. Plat book 36 Page 163, $25,000

Joyce G. Sipiczky to David W. Gray, Boykins Dist. 1 Ac., $0

Fannie Mae AKA to B. Cook Rentals LLC, Sedley Village, $15,000

Samuel I. White P.C. Tr. to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, Trust Inst. #050001102, $41,548

LBB of VA LLC to Virginia Electric and Power Co., Southampton County, $0

Eric R. Whitehead to Keith D. Wright, Jerusalem Dist. 1.0 Ac., $245,000

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Fletcher McKim Beale, Berlin Ivor Dist. 15445 Cabin Point Road, $145,500

Brenda B. Davis to Tyler Meyer, Sedley Village 0.893 Ac., $126,900

Ruth P. Vaughan, Record real estate affidavit for Durwood and Vaughan, $0

Ann W. Vaughan to Andrew T. Hamm, Jersualem Dist., $0

Marie Everett Hutchings to Joseph L. Everett Jr., Newsoms Dist., $100,000

Richard W. Caldwell to Thomas Wayne Birdsong, Jerusalem Dist., $435,000

Jean Turner Owens, Record real estate affidavit for ¼ int. in property, $0

Freda Denise Owens to Michael Anderson, Franklin Dist. Lot 31 Apache Circle, $145,000

Allen Floyd Edwards to Matthew Wayne Lambert, Franklin Dist. 2 parcels, $163,803.41

Jill R. Dover to Sean D. Dover, Franklin Dist. Lot 24 Country Roads Phase 2, $0

John A. Anderson to John A. Anderson, Berlin Ivor Dist., $0

Richard Thomas Sawyer to Gregory M. Davidson, Jerusalem Dist. Lot 22 Section III Dardens Mill Estates, $340,000

JP Morgan Chase Bank N.A. to Janice D. Wheeler, Boykins Town, $110,000

Craishaw Uron Robertson to Theresa Lynne Tweedy, Sedley Village 12314 Saint Luke Road, $77,000

Fannie Mae AKA to Bo Chattin, Newsoms Dist. 1.013 Ac., $170,000

Linda Luter Murphy, Record copy of will from IOW, with list of he, $0

Bradish Properties Inc. to Henry S. Harrell, Berlin Ivor Dist. 22.8812 Ac., $85,000

Wilmington Savings Fund Society to Stanwich Mortgage Acquisition, Inst. #180001993, $0

Stanwich Mortgage Acquisition to Morgan Stanley Mortgage Capital Holdings LLC, Inst. #18001994, $0