Dick Holland’s resignation big loss to county

Published 9:15 am Saturday, February 2, 2019


Again I would like to thank the Windsor Weekly for its continuing coverage of this issue.

In reviewing the articles in the Windsor Weekly and my recollection of the first meeting session held on Jan. 10, 2019, I have to agree with Mr. [Dick] Holland and Mr. [Len] Alphin, I have not heard anyone in favor of this facility (prison) outside of the County Administrator [Randy Keaton] and the Board of Supervisors. This looks like a disregard for the opinions of the voters and taxpayers who I thought the county administrator and Board of Supervisors worked for.

Regarding transparency, no matter how you spin it or repeat the denials, this was hatched behind closed doors and submitted to the General Assembly to be included in the budget before it became widespread public knowledge, and before public discussion could held (sorry, presenting it to a Windsor Town Council meeting does not count.) And next we have “code name ‘Project Bolt.’” Sounds clandestine.

Just as when I questioned the county administrator on the return on investment (ROI) for this project, all he and Supervisor Rudolph Jefferson can cite are glittering generalities: “Windsor I think, is going to be a great benefactor of this project;” “Look at the jobs, look at the money that will be spent. It’s not going to be spent in Smithfield. It’s not going to be spent in Franklin.” No specific number projection and the basis for them are presented. So why the urgency for the second vote? Possibly too much of a building groundswell of questions and opposition from voters and taxpayers. So now I am sure in the next public forum (if there is one,) it will be said this has been voted on and approved and cannot be changed.

I feel the resignation of Mr. Holland is a HUGE LOSS for the county of the time, talent and experience of an extremely successful businessman who not only understands ROI, but also knows to continue to grow a business in the extremely competitive banking industry. Thank you for your service to the community and county, Mr. Holland. The EDA and Board of Supervisors should look very hard at how they lost this talent to prevent something similar from happening in the future.

Glen Little