Raiders go up against Patriots, 80-60

Published 10:51 am Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Coming late into the game soon after the start of the second quarter, the host Raiders had just made a basket at the 7:05 mark putting the score at 24-23. All during that section, the Patriots inched up largely by free-throws. Each time they scored, though, the Academy boys were quickly behind, working to decrease the lead. At 2:25 on the clock, both sides were tied at 32 all. Amelia players got ahead by two points about 30 seconds later, followed by a free throw 16 seconds later, putting them at 32-26. The Raiders’ Will Belmonte sunk a basket at :42.6, but one of the Patriots got one in with 1.7 seconds remaining, making the score 38-35.

Amelia Academy players returned refreshed and energized for the second half, and soon began to increase to increase their lead. Southampton Academy’s young men had to work extra hard to get their baskets and, at the same time, keep their opponents from scoring further. Nonetheless, by the end of the third, the score was 60-47.

Thirteen seconds into the fourth, the Raiders were at 49, followed quickly by a couple of successful free throws. They stayed at 51 as the Patriots picked up several baskets, including three free throws. Southampton Academy didn’t score again until 3:13, and by then the tally was 70-53. All the while, the home team supporters cheered on the players with every basket and interception.

Within the last two minutes, the Patriots got their score up to 80, and the Raiders to 60.