Lady Broncos lose to Lady Bulldogs

Published 11:25 am Wednesday, January 16, 2019

by Frank A. Davis

The Franklin High School Lady Broncos seemed to be headed for a win over the Brunswick High School Lady Bulldogs after being ahead for both two quarters in the first half of their game on Friday in  the Peggy Wilkens Gym.

Miracle Monger brings the ball down the court for the Lady Broncos. — Frank A. Davis | Tidewater News

After being ahead 25-21 at the end of the first half, the Lady Broncos started the third quarter not able to get their offense to crank up. They only scored four points while the Lady Bulldogs pumped up 16 points to gain the led with a score of 37-29.

For the final quarter of play, Tamiya Handshaw and Miracle Monger both connected on 3-point baskets, but the Lady Broncos run at the Lady Bulldogs could not close the score enough.

In scoring for the Lady Broncos, Miracle Monger led with 16 points, followed by Jamin Flythe with 13 points and Tamiya Handshaw with 10 points.

For the Lady Bulldogs, Nyiesha Pair led with 25 points followed by Niaya Henderson with 15 points.

Lady Bronco head coach Mona Sumblin said afterward, “It was a nice game against Brunswick, but I feel we shot our own selves in the foot with too many turnovers. We got to learn how to protect the ball a little bit better. Make bounce passes verse chest passes that we preach before we even went out. We preach it every day at practice and came out after half time and they did the exact same thing we told them not to do.  But nevertheless we are still working on it. We have to do better on the line. We lost to Brunswick on the line last time. We left nine free throws on the line this time that could have won the game for us. But these are things that we will keep capitalizing on, put backs, layups, making better passes and playing better defense and get more wins.”