2019: The year of ‘What if’s’

Published 10:05 am Monday, January 7, 2019

by Lauren V. Sloan

All big ideas, innovations and movements began with a simple question: What if?

‘What if instead of sailing across the oceans, we look up and build machines to fly us in the clouds?’

‘What if we could carry a device in our pocket that gave us access to information around the world in a matter of seconds?’

‘What if I could work for myself? What if I take that dream of owning a business and actually make it happen?’

Sounds simple right? Think again. Imagine the waves of uncertainty and fear that trailed those initial dreams. The ‘but that’ll never happen,’ or ‘I was crazy to even speak those words’ seeping into those creative minds. The best way to combat those annoying thoughts of self-doubt? Remind yourself you are not alone.

Let’s consider another question: ‘What if there was a business incubator program, right in your own community, designed to assist entrepreneurs start a business, grow their opportunities and thrive for the long run?’

The Franklin Business Center was created for innovators and dreamers like you. Our 40,000 square foot facility houses 31 clients, individuals who are growing businesses and succeeding in furthering the entrepreneurial spirit of our community. With rent starting at $82 per month, we come alongside new and expanding business owners and provide necessary tools and resources to help your organization thrive.

A brand-new year always begs for a brand-new goal. I’m not promising you’ll be the next Jeff Bezos, but I can promise you to explore that ‘what if I could work for myself’ at the Franklin Business Center will set you up well to make your business ideas transition into reality.

Call our office at 562-1958 to chat more about our program and schedule a tour today.

LAUREN V. SLOAN is the business development manager at Franklin-Southampton Economic Development Inc. Contact her at 562-1958.