Land transfers

Published 11:46 am Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Isle of Wight County

The following land transfers were recorded in Isle of Wight County Circuit Court in November:

Edward R. Lenz to Jeffery D. Baker, Lot 59 Edward R Lenz – N/D, $541,000

John Philip Moore to Scott T. Bohn, Lot 261 Ph 5 Cypress Creek – T/S, 350,000

Lesh Associates to Marion L. Elliott, 37.45 Ac & 67.17 Ac Lesh Associates – N/D, $0

Renee C. Wright to Victoria Johnson, Lot 39 Sec 3 Booker T Estates – N/D, $5,000

Phyllis J. Kirkman to S & W Properties LLC, Lot 10 Winterberry Place, $215,000

Gregory L. Michael to Mariah D. Agee, Lot 3 Twenty Inc Prop – N/D, $214,700

William E. Vantassel to Kathy Dedmond Ealey, Interests Lot 130 Ph B Scots Landing – T/S, $220,000

Grace H. Brown to Allen E. Brown, Parcel Adj Pierce Prop and Bank St. – T/W, $35,000

Philip M. Wrenn to Christopher Wahl, Lot 127 Ph B Scots Landing, $350,000

Gail B. West Tr. to Gail B. West, 1.00 Ac Par B Remainder Lot C ADA Bruce Selden – N/D, $0

Jerry R. Seay Tr. to Almond Contracting and Consulting, Lot 78 Sec 2 James River Shores – N/D, $1,000

E D David Tr. to Susan Patterson Tr., Inst. 14-3770 Par 10 The Rocks – H/D, $2,225,000

Landford B. Pritchett to Irving H. Pritchett, Interest ¾ Ac Adj James River, $108,000

Gregory W. Crocker to Corey R. Critzer, Lot 8 Ph 1 Queens Annes Court – N/D, $127,500

Jonathan A. Carter to Kim A. Tatem, Lot 80 Ph 2 Wellington Park – T/S, $345,000

Baker B. Beard to Phillip M. Daniel, Lot 122 Ph 3 Wellington Park – T/S, $355,000

James R. Cobb to Cobb Land Limited Partnership, Parcel Rt. 258W/D, $115,000

Michael Hayden to Aaron R. Spencer, 7.176 Ac State Rt 676 Lawns Creek Neck – H/D, $0

Michael Hayden to Aaron R. Spencer, 4.5000 Ac Adj Lem Jones & 1 Ac Ad Connolly – H/D, $0

Robert C. Johnson to Wells Fargo Bank National Associates, Inst 06-7026, $125,000

Cedar Homes Investments LLC to Charles John Feeley Sr., 4.599 Ac Dukes Lane Wilson Prop – W/D, $307,500

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to David E. Nelson, Lot 76 Ph 1 Holland Meadows, $229,100

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc., Lot 106 Ph 4A Benns Grant, $103,220

Patrick James Carroll to Terry McGahan, Lot 17 Longview Acres – N/D, $0

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc., Lot 123 Ph 4A Benns Grant. $103,220

Eva S. Davis to Vernon Hardy Jr., Lot 25 Sec 1 Sandy Mount Manor – N/D, $53,000

Thomas S. West Jr. to 21148 Rescue LLC, 0.17 Ac Post Office – N/D, $50,000

Stuart M. Resor to Almond Contracting & Consulting, 0.28 Ac Cockes Lane Resor Prop – T/S, $30,000

Carol A. Johnson to Paul M. Harper V, Lot 3 Kings Estate – N/D, $161,700

David T. Parrish to David T. Parrish, Lot 14 Pt John C Cofield Prop – N/D, $0

Stephen L. Guglielmini to Stephen L. Guglielmini, Lot 23 Blk B Sec 2 Moonfield Estates, $0

Bank of New York Mellon to St. Josephs Reserve LLC, Lot 14 Blk D Riverview – T/S, $32,000

Betty Malroy Stagg to Robert Benjamin Stagg, 22 Ac & 3 Ac Sandy Ridge Rd – N/D, $0

Betty Malroy Stagg to Betty Malroy Stagg, 3 Properties Adj Lake Burnt Mills – N/D, $0

Equity Trustees LLC Su… to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, Inst 06-9404, $72,000

Susan S. Carr Tr. to Brandon L. McConnell Tr., 10.55 Ac Par A Chester Glen Carr, $195,000

HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads to Russell S. Gorgone, Lot 242 Cypress Creek – T/S, $492,525

Eric Pantleo to Zachary A. Pothier, .93 Acre Para Fred R. Nichols Jr., $220,000

Wade D. Moorefield Jr. to Wade D. Moorefield Jr., Lot 15 Mill Creek Farm North – H/D, $0

Founders Pointe LLC to Brandon R. Wichman Tr., Lot 131 Ph 2 Sec 2A Founders Pointe – N/D, $250,000

Surety Trustees LLC to Reverse Mortgage Funding LLC, Inst. 15-3866, $56,697.08

Michael A. Dimunno to Ralph L. Williams Sr., Lot 22 Ph 1 Ashby – N/D, $300,000

James G. Robinson to Ashlee Kay Lawton, 2.025 Ac & 2.00 Ac Robert L. Atkins Et Ux Prop – H/D, $385,000

Atlantic Trustee Services LLC to Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC, Inst 10-3334, $83,430

Sasser Construction LC to Matthew B. Derden, Lot 316 Ph 3B Founders Pointe – N/D, $594,326

NVR Inc. to Damian McCoade, Lot 132 Ph 4A Benns Grant, $365,000

John M. Speirs to John M. Speirs Tr., Lot 12 Sec 1 Cherry Grove Acres – N/D, $0

Ruth G. Francisco to John W. Adam IV, Inst 08-6062 Lot 8 Sec 2 Winfall Estates – H/D, $0

Cheryl Ann Hines to David M. Bautista Jr., Lot 99 Sec 2 James River Shores – N/D, $241,700

Kelvin J. Hill to Kevin E. Weech, 19.530 Ac Hwy 680 – H/D, $115,000

Drake Enterprises LLC to M&M at Franklin LLC, Multiple Parcels – W/D, $1,000,000

Randy W. Bailey to Dennis W. Bailey, Parcel C Bailey Prop Longview Drive – N/D, $0

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Jeremy C. Snyder, 1.068 Ac Lot 3 WM Camp Jr Prop – W/D, $285,000

Craig A. Stephenson to Justin K. Walters, Lot 12 Ashby West – N/D, $305,000

Tracy I. Buckley to John A. Lamb, Par 3 (A) 9.02 Ac Smithfield on the James Buckley Prop – H/D, $141,000

Ludie Layne Mouring to Kenneth B. Mouring, 1.01 Acres Ludie Layne Mouring, $0

Ludie Layne Mouring to Jeffrey Elwood Mouring, 1.02 Acres Ludie Layne Mouring, $0

Glenn Gordon to Joshua Clinton Smith, Lt 422 Cypress Creek Ph 2, $689,900

Samuel D. Cratch to Samuel D. Cratch, 3 Parcels – N/D, $0

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc., $93,220

James F. Russell Jr. to Elizabeth K. Russell, 13.58 Ac Family Transfer Par 1 – H/D, $0

Layton S. Allen to Rebekah SM Angove, Lot 18 Murifield Green – N/D, $364,000

Jackie W. Fields to Jackie W. Fields Tr., Parcel No 3 Adj Pagan Creek – H/D, $0

Janet Turner to Marcel Kloberg, Tr 3 River Point Farms – N/D, $379,000

Jon A. Vogel to Jon A. Vogal Tr., Parcel 11H Carroll Family Living Trust, $0

Ray O. Chatham III to Timothy Allen Olson, Lot 40 Aspen Woods – T/S, $325,000

Equity Trustees LLC Su… to Cedar Homes Investments LLC, Inst. 11-848 Lot 12 Blk H Rushmere Shores, $86,200

Howard P. Kea to Howard P. Kea, 7 Ac and Lot 36 – H/D, $0

Harvey R. Hannah to Franklin D. Dean, Road 621 Samuel H. Waren – H/D, $185,000

Penny E. Hargrave to Jonathon Matthew Hardison, Lt 18 Ashby Ph 3 N/D, $309,900

Anthony L. Garner to Robert C. Jackson, Lot 2 Ph 1 Wellington – T/D, $324,000

Sophak Nou to FI Properties LLC, Lot 59 Lawnes Point on the James – H/D, $5,500

Melvin R. Holland to Mark D. Holland, 16.49 Ac Rt 258, $0

Max Dennis Wiggins Jr. to Woodworks R Us, 0.972 Acres Major T Manning Property N/D, $140,000

Max Padilla Jr. to Max Padilla Jr. Tr., Lot 31 Regatta Pointe – N/D, $0

Sharon Roberts to Sharon Roberts Tr., Lot 135 Ph 4B Cypress Creek – T/S, $0

Jose Garcia Perez to Alan Turrill, Unit 57 Ph 18 Lighthouse Commons Eagle Harbor, $215,000

BCRR Smithfield LLC to Smithfield Business Center LLC, Lot 3 Sec I Smithfield Properties – T/S, $690,500

NVR Inc. to EW Benns Grant LLC, Lots 110 and 134 Ph 4A Benns Grant, $196,400

Thomas J. Perry to Thomas J. Perry, Bldg 3 Unit 1 Ph 4 Villas of Smithfield, $0

Thomas J. Perry to Denise A. Perry, Bldg 3 Unit 1 Ph 4 Villas of Smithfield, $0

William W. Taylor to Brandon H. Havron, Lot 73 Gatling Pointe S Sec 1B, $420,000

IWC Residential Inc. to Sean Alan Brady, Lot 28 Carrollton Manor – N/D, $459,900

Betty Jean Gray to Scott A. Prue, 1 Ac US Hwy 58 Adj R H Rawles Jr – W/D, $197,000

School Board Isle of Wight County to Board of Supervisors Isle of Wight County, 0.19 Ac Courthouse Hwy., $0

Roger D. Headrick Exor to Landlovers LLC, Lot 31 Sec 2 Cedar Grove, $89,500

Garland W. Edwards to Christian K. Pratt, Lot 9 Ph 1 Queens Annes Court – N/D, $137,000

Leigh Catherine Monahan to Heather G. Owens, Lot 18 Ph 1 Morris Creek Landing – T/S, $168,000

Charnell T. Havens to Maureen E. Marvin, Unit 93 Ph 21 Woodbridge, $240,000

Presbyterian Homes & Family Services to Commonwealth of Virginia, Inst 08-00248, $0

Robert W. Manly IV Tr. to Ha To Van, Lot 116 Lawnes Point on the James – H/D, $38,000

Historic St. Luke’s Restoration to Deborah Walker, Pt Lot 47 Sec E A&B St. Luke’s, $4,000

Edward Hamlin to Historic St. Luke’s Restoration, Pt Lot 2 Sec B Spaces C&D St. Luke’s, $1,600

Historic St. Luke’s Restoration to Historic St. Luke’s Restoration, Lot 18 Sec A Lots 34A and 35 Sec C St. Luke’s, $3,200

Samuel I. White Pc Sub Tr. to Pennymac Loan Services LLC Er…, Inst. 14-3902, $94,770

Trustee Services of Virginia LLC to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Inst. 09-4948, $167,259

Historic St. Luke’s Restoration to Glenn R. Erwine, Inst. 15-4814, $0

Historic St. Luke’s Restoration to Larry L. Langley, Inst. 14-4102, $0

Historic St. Luke’s Restoration to Ronald E. Gray, Inst. 17-2517, $0

Glenn R. Erwine to Darlene P. Richardson, Inst. 15-4814, $0

James Long to Quincy Lamp, Lot 20 John Rolfe Estates – T/S, $272,500

Cedar Homes Investments LLC to Zachery A. Ramirez, Lot 18 Walnut Ridge Farm – H/D, $229,900

Michael Johnathan Bauer to Anthony Williams, Lot 6 Sec 1 Carrollton Meadows – N/D, $265,000

Philip D. Wise to Philip Wise, Lot F E L Butler Prop – N/D, $0

Christian B. Hamilton to Gary B. Frame Jr., Parcel Florida Ave – H/D, $205,250

NVR Inc. to Richard Jamison, Lot 278 Ph 1A Benns Grant, $359,824

Daniel N. Cundiff Tr. to Daniel N. Cundiff Tr., Lot 4 Bay Harbor – N/D, $0

Raymond Barlow to Jade S. Joerres Insley, Lot 7 Sec 1 Central Hill Estates – H/D, $150,000

Sherman Tyr… Edwards to Sheila M. Edwards, 2 Parcels Tan Rd – N/D, $200,000

Johnny L. Cook Sr. to Johnny L. Cook Jr., 6.00 Ac Lot A Cook Family Prop – W/D Rhodes Dr, $0

Giorgia Abbate to Giorgia Frazier, Lot 136 Ph 2 Sec 2A Founders Pointe – N/D, $0

David T. Parrish to David T. Parrish Jr., Lot 14 Pt John C. Cofield Prop – N/D, $0

Thomas J. Perry to Denise A. Perry, Bldg 3 Unit 1 Ph 4 Villias of Smithfield, $0