Dolphins swim by Falcons, 66-57

Published 11:36 am Wednesday, January 2, 2019

The 2018 NAPA Auto Parts and Bluewater Rentals Classic Basketball Tournament began on Friday in Franklin High School, and the action started with the Ocean Lake High School Dolphins going against  and winning over the Fuqua High School Falcons.

Coming into the game near the end of the second half, the Dolphins were then just three points ahead at 31-28. Returning after the intermission, the Falcons began a gradual flight upward with baskets at 7:20; 5:17; 4:18; 3:45; 3:00; and 2:04 on the clock, putting them at 46-35. Meanwhile, the Dolphins got in points only twice by that time. Starting at 46 seconds remaining, Ocean Lake players quickly made baskets in the time remaining, even getting one at 0.3 left, then making the score 46-41.

Nineteen seconds later in the fourth, the Dolphins picked up their momentum, decreasing the lead until they were tied at 50-all within 3 minutes from the start. Ocean Lake then moved past Fuqua, with the latter only getting in a baskets here and there. By 2:21 on the clock, it was 60-54, and then the Dolphins got in three free-throws, putting them at the winning score of 66-57.


Broncos gallop past Raiders, 78-39

The Franklin High Broncos played against Amelia High Raiders in the next game, and the audience saw the two teams in the first quarter keeping only two to three points difference, with Franklin always being in the lead. They tied at 12-all with :14 left, and a Bronco then made the last 3-point basket at 1.5 remaining.

Come the second quarter, both teams continued to progress, and with Franklin increasing its lead three to five points. They tied once at 23-all with 2:42 on the clock. Around that time, though, Broncos coach Robby Cutchins was overheard to tell his players on the bench “We’re not being aggressive enough.” His team soon quickly got that message and started moving as needed. His players made baskets at 2:26; 2:00; 1.31; :50 and :28 left. Much to everyone’s excitement, another Bronco sunk a basket with one second left, putting the score at 39-25.

That aggressiveness continued with Franklin keeping Amelia scoreless for several minutes in the third. The Raiders got a basket at 4:06, but by then it was 46-25. At 2:56, it was Franklin versus Amelia at 52-30. The Raiders got two more balls through the hoop by the end, but still they lagged, 57-35.

Until there was about 3 minutes left, the Broncos again kept the Raiders in check. Franklin then had 71 to Amelia’s 37. The Broncos finished off the last quarter, even getting in another thrilling basket at the last possible moment, making the score 78-39.

Afterward, Cutchins confirmed that he thought his players were not being aggressive enough in much of the first half, but that they stepped up.

“It was a little a flat in the first quarter,” he acknowledged, but added that defense is a team staple.

The coach acknowledged playing performance by Torrence Wiggins, Omar Johnson and Drelyn Ford. Overall, he said of the young men how proud he was of their work, particularly in the second half.