The need for biblical study after Advent

Published 11:05 am Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Guest Column by William Sloan

How can the faithful maintain a biblical and orthodox manner in response to Advent and the rightful celebration of the incarnation of the Messiah? Those incorporated into the mystical body of Jesus of Nazareth have been rescued from the snares of sin and must obey and glorify the Mediator who returns them to the Godhead from whom they have fallen. Perseverance in divine grace is required by the Lord Jesus and must be executed fully biblically. Those who are reconciled to the Triune God via the Son must study holy Scripture and implement it diligently.

Studying the written word reveals our sin to us and the detailed instruction for redeeming our conduct as those saved via the death of Jesus. The holy Bible is the calculated and eternally accurate document that enables humans to understand themselves and the Sovereign God who is perfect in wisdom. Holy Scripture is the infallibly governing law that instructs the individual to function per the Godhead’s design. The Triune God utilized the biblical writers as transcribers for His perfect will and they rigorously emphasize the eternal requirement for earnestly studying holy Scripture. As an example, David maintains that he is like a spoiled wineskin decaying and smoldering, but he does not forget the holy law (Psalm 119:83.) Moreover, David contends that the Sovereign God is eternally existent, and His Word is infallibly determined and cannot be altered (Psalm 119:89.) David also writes that holy law or the decrees of Yahweh grant him true understanding or guidance as a human (Psalm 119:99.) Joshua is a paragon for biblical study and implementation as he is commanded to know and teach the law of God (Joshua 1:8). Moreover, Joshua the great military leader is divinely instructed not to function or operate outside the infallible confines of holy Scripture (Ibid.) Similarly, Moses instructs the Israelites to interiorize holy Scripture and to keep the law with strict accuracy and steadfastness (Deuteronomy 11:18-23.) Moreover, Job contends that he was required to persevere per the written Word and that holy law is eternally true and authoritarian (Job 23:12.) Ezra is also a paragon of holy reading and study, described as a priest fully determined to interiorize and rightly teach the law (Ezra 7:11.) Moreover, Ezra is charged with structuring society and vocations per the holy Scripture, which is eternally wise (Ezra 7:25.) Ezra also functions as a priest and teacher of the written Word to Nehemiah and comrades, who will reconstruct Jerusalem (Nehemiah 8:1). In sum, the Old testament writers are eternally consistent and serious about the requisite and earnest study and implementation of holy Scripture.

The apostles, evangelists and the Messiah are equally vehement about the required study of the holy Bible. For example, the Lord Jesus maintains that the faithful must “search” and interiorize the written word, which He fulfills (John 5:39-47.) Moreover, the Son contends that joly Scripture cannot be broken or altered (John 10:35.) Similarly, the Messiah teaches and instructs individuals about holy Scripture with divine and perfect authority (Matthew 7:29.) Moreover, Paul maintains that holy Scripture must be studied, taught and implemented for those endeavoring to persevere in divine grace (Colossians 3:18.) Paul also writes that those in Christ must “hold fast” to the Word of Christ, endure, and function in a godly manner (Philippians 2:16.) Moreover, Paul instructs Timothy, his earnest student, to function in an orthodox manner and “rightly handle” the Word of truth (2 Timothy 2:15.) Peter also instructs the faithful to seriously study the written Word, which grants humanity eternal wisdom and order (2 Peter 1:19.) In sum, those in Christ have been rescued from the mire of sin and regenerated for His use and must understand and obey Him fully biblically.

The Lord Jesus has entered existence to return fallen humanity to the Godhead who creates all things out of nothing. The Lord, whose incarnation we celebrated during Advent and Christmas, instructs humanity through the holy Bible. He has breathed out holy Scripture and the faithful must study and obey the written word.

WILL SLOAN is the minister at Grace Memorial United Methodist Church in Sedley.