Indians record win over Franklin Broncos

Published 2:22 pm Saturday, December 22, 2018

With a score of 74-73, Southampton High School Indians took the first game in the “back yard brawl on the hard courts,” which was played in the Peggy Wilkens Gym at Franklin High School on Wednesday.

However, if it is Franklin versus Southampton in anything, throw away all records and standings; it’s not over until the final buzzer sounds. Even when that happens, it is even questionable.

In overtime, Franklin’s Drelyn Ford hit what many thought was the winning shot to give the home team a 73-71 win. The game officials conferred quickly and .8 was added back to the time of the game.

The Indians, getting possession of the ball, put it into play. After the ball was knocked out of bounds by the Broncos, this left .4 on the clock. The ball was taken out on the sideline half way of the Broncos’ offensive end of the court.

The ball was passed into play to Shamon Reid-Wilkerson. After a short movement toward the Southampton goal, he released a shot somewhere close to half court, which scored a basket. The floor was immediately flooded with many excited fans celebrating.

The scoreboard still showed 73-71 with the Broncos in the lead. After some minutes in which the game officials talked privately, it was soon announced that the basket, a 3-pointer, was good giving the Indians the win.

To review the game, the Broncos opened the game leading 13-0 until about midway of the first quarter. They ended the first quarter up 22-15. By the end of the first half, they still led with a score of 44-32. In the third quarter, the Indians made their run at the Broncos as Dale Vick connected on two 3-pointers, and the score at the end of the quarter had the Broncos still in the lead with a score of 54-51.

In the final quarter of play, the Indians continued to stay close to the Broncos in scoring. At .24, Vick scored to tie the game 62-all. After scoring exchanges at 10.5, the Broncos had the lead with a score of 65-62. The Indians having possession of the ball and with time running out, Vick connected on a 3-pointer to carry the game into overtime.

Southampton County High School Indians head coach Sharone Bailey said after the game, “Good game that we had here tonight. Our guys came out and fought and fought and believe in what we are trying to preach over here at Southampton. We never give up. That shot that Shamon made at the end of the game, we do that in practice every single day. We shoot the ball from half court. We made two in the last practice, but he hit the one tonight to give us the game winner. Coach [Robby] Cutchins does a great job with his guys. Drelyn Ford is a good player and I hope that he does well in college. It is always a good game over here.”

In scoring, the Broncos had four players in double figures: Mayik Haley led with 19 points followed by Drelyn Ford with 12 points. Ra’Sean Rawling & Juan Carr both had 14 points apiece.

The Indians they had two players in double figures. They were led by Dale Vick with 24 points, followed by Shamon Reid-Wilkerson with 19 points.