Land transfers

Published 2:50 pm Saturday, December 8, 2018

southampton County
The following land transfers were recorded in Southampton County Circuit Court in November:
Kenneth L. Wimbrough Tr. to ALO of Virginia LLC, Washington Street Franklin City, $56,000
Joshua Toje Ricks to Bryston Armstrong Tr., Franklin City, $7,000
Patricia Ann Martin Emerson to Deborah Lee Marks, Franklin City Lot 50 Holliknol Section Two, $0
William Herman Rose Jr. to William Herman Rose Jr., Franklin City Lot 6 Banks Cobb Sub Dic Part I, $0
Ore Builders LLC to Marilyn Jeanne Holley, Franklin City Lot 38 Riverwood Estates Phase 1, $237,500
Jean D. Clark to Charles P. Venicille, Franklin City 2 parcels, $304,000
Federal Home Loan Mortgage Cor to Viet Q. Nguyen, Franklin City Lot 20 section 1 Gillette Sub Div, $85,000
Equity Trustees LLC Tr. to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, Trust Inst. #070000360, $43,740
Diane I. Paige to Yolanda Michelle Paige, Lot 41 Riverwood Est Phase Franklin City, $0
Premier Bank Inc. to Candace Hall Reany, Franklin City 303 Lee Street, $62,000
Mark Wesley Evans to Mark Wesley Evans, Franklin City, Lot 16 WH Scott Lots, $0
Nathaniel Reuben Williams to Alesia B. Williams, 1105 North High Street Franklin City, $0
Matthew Barlett to Maurice Lafuze, Franklin City 313A Clay Court Townhouses, $95,000
Suntrust Bank to Jonathan Matton, Franklin City North High Street Inst. #180000925, $25,500
Dorothy D. Gilbert Tr. to Dorothy D. Gilbert, Franklin City Lot 13 section III Gillette Sub Div, $0
Beatrice Rawlings, Record real estate affidavit and disclaimer 0, $0
U.S. Bank Trust N.A. by Tr. by Ai. to Eugenia Johnson, Franklin City, 0.251 Ac. 406 South High Street, $26,500
Belinda Reid to Pauline Achua Tr., Franklin City Lot 20 & 21 Block 5 Sub Div 2, $0
David John Kilpatrick II to John K. Mingloski, Berlin Ivor Dist. $320,000
Dylan T. Boyce to Pete It Twisdale II, Newsoms Town 10.282 Ac., $212,500
Jonathan D. Phillips to Christy Boyce, Capron Dist. Lot 11 Pond View Sub Div. $237,500
George Gerald Hahrebecki to George Gerald Hahrebecki, Newsoms Dist. 3.519 Ac., $0
Earva Lee Sumblin to Earva Lee Jones, $0
Carroll Ray Gordon, Probate will only, $0
Blackwater Builders LLC to Stephen P. Jeffery, .92 acres Rt. 638 Jerusalem Dist. 50.51 acres Drake Road Jerusalem Dist. $280,000
Aubrey J. Parker to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC., Boykins Dist., $9,100
Ronald Lynn Welcher to James W. Horton Jr., Capron Dist., $196,000
Lloyd E. Brotzman Jr. to Lloyd E. Brotzman Jr., Franklin Dist. Lot 4 Cypress Manor Dove Street, $0
WLH Properties LLC to Donny L. Dunbar, Newsoms Town 2 parcels, $25,000
Mary Emma Shelly to Shelly Family Irrevocable Chil, Capron Dist., $0
George W. Patterson Jr. to George W. Patterson III, Capron Dist. Route 609 Lot 2, $0
George W. Patterson Jr. to George W. Patterson III, Capron Dist. Route 609 Lot 1, $0
George W. Patterson Jr. to George W. Patterson III, Capron Dist. Route 609 Lot 3, $0
Darryl Gordon Bradshaw to William T. Edwards, Newsoms Dist. 2 parcels, $349,500
Larry Edward Stephenson, Record certified copy of will, $0
June S. Hammond to Cobb Land Limited Partnership, Berlin Ivor Dist. Plat book 36 page 144, $77,285
Travesha Lashay Jones to Travesha Lashay Simpson, $0
Henry Olds to ALO of Virginia LLC, Franklin City 6 parcels, Southampton County 3 parcels, $0
Thomas Edward Ewald, Record real estate affidavit, $0
Build Team LLC to Chris Turner, Franklin Dist., Lot 5, $170,000
David L. Taylor Jr. to Gregory M. Davidson, Jerusalem Dist., Lot 13 Dardens Mill Estates, $70,000
Samuel I. White PC Tr. to Wells Fargo Bank N.A., Trust Inst. #15000459, $61,560
Winston Melville Browne III to Winston Melville Browne III, Boykins Dist. $0
Bernard W. Pittman to Community Electric Coop, Jerusalem Dist., $0
Henry F. Pittman to Community Electric Coop, Jerusalem Dist., $0
Wilmer R. Pittman to Community Electric Coop, Jerusalem Dist., $0
Frank Callazo to Community Electric Coop, Berlin Ivor Dist., $0
Robert M. Tann, Record real estate affidavit for 1/7 Int In P 97-6, $0
Pearl D. Darden, Probate will and appoint exec., $0
R Parsons LLC to Loren D. Beard, Southampton County Lot 57 Bethel Farms, $46,200
Virginia Forestry LLC to Arc III Family LLC, Drewryville Dist. 2 parcels, $140,000
Robert R. Christian to Mark R. Christian, Franklin Dist. Multiple Parcels, $0
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Jonathan Coley, Franklin Dist. Lot 13 Country Road Sub Div. Inst. #180001389, $101,100
Barbara Jean Santiful, Record list of heirs for int in property, $0
Frederick Santiful to Standa Murphy Grant, Boykins Dist. $0
Michael A. Mason Sr. to Michael Antonio Mason Jr., Boykins Dist. $0
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Megan E. Truitt, Lot 40 Cypress Manor Franklin Dist. $64,000
Levi David Bloom to Levi David Matthews, $0
Joyce Dundalow Johnson, Record Real Estate Affidavit, $0
Benjamin T. Lane to Cecil D. Lowe, 1.136 Acres Jerusalem Dist., $130,000
Nicholas D. Fancher to Benjamin T. Lane, 2.46 Acres Drank Road Jerusalem Dist. $330,000
WM S Wirt Construction Inc. to Darryl G. Bradshaw Sr., Lot 86 Bethel Farms, $267,500
Pamela K. Wiggins to Richard D. Sennett Jr., Franklin Dist. Revised area add to parcel Plat Bk 36 Pg 148, $12,000
Constance Herring Ellis, File copy of will, $0
James Marshall Nicholson to Jonathan M. Stechow, Drewryville Dist. 2.00 Ac., $300,000
Kingdom Life Ministries to Kingdom Impact Ministries, Franklin Dist. $0
Alan L. Morris to Seth M. Morris, Capron Dist. Lot 11 Section Two Settle Williams Heights, $0
Aunya Olani Cole to Aunye Olani Neville, $0
Bradshaw Enterprises LLC to Michael Ryan Wilkins, Jerusalem Dist. 18.66 Ac. Tract 3, $34,000
Eagle on 3 LLC to 50 S Picket Street LLC, Southampton County, $1,345,000
Mrtg Equity Conversion Asset T to Partnership LLC, 28301 Round Hill Rd Berlin Ivor Dist., $35,000
George Pilkington III to VHF Timber Associates LLC, Drewryville Dist., $0
VHF Timber Associates LLC to David M. Oswald, $127,000
Amanda L. Edwards to Christopher M. Edwards, Berlin Ivor Dist. $0
Benjamin S. Blythe to Virginia Outdoors Foundation, 44.93 acres Newsoms Dist. Plat in Pb 36 Pg 150, $0
Donnie P. Whitfield to Church Garden of Prayer Family, 2 parcels Sebrell Village, $0
Wallace Emerson Burgess, Probate of will, $0
Ellis Poe Cobb, Probate will no appt., $0
Breanna Danielle Sterling to Cameron Danielle Sterling, $0
Walter Aurelius Brantley, Appoint administrator, $0
John Burnett Stutts to John Burnett Stutts, Franklin Dist., 0.537 Ac. section II Lot A, $0
Fox Ridge II LLC to Mary Lou Smith Tr., Franklin Dist., 2 parcels, $0
Bank of New York Mellon Trust to Hunterdale Investments LLC, Newsoms Dist. Inst. #170002480, $43.00
David John Kilpatrick II to John K. Minglosku, Berlin Ivor Dist., $320,000
Rosenell Grant Jr. to Christopher Miller Tr., Lot 10 Section 11 Edgehill Franklin Dist. $73,714
Whitaker Living Trust to Chance W. Crowder, Newsoms Dist. $206,000
William W. Day to Timothy W. Drake, Capron Dist., $410,000
Lloyd E. Brotzman Jr. to Willam C. Brotzman, Franklin Dist. Lot 4 Cypress Manor Dove Street, $0
Joseph Keffer to Staci Lynn Tingen, Berlin Ivor Dist., $0
Paul Hinson to Robert R. Christian, Inst. #120000939 Inst. #120001876, $0