Western Tidewater should protect its few amenities

Published 4:46 pm Wednesday, December 5, 2018

To the Editor:

Cypress Cove Country Club is an asset to the communities of Southampton County and Franklin. If we ever hope to recruit new businesses and residents to our communities, we’d be well served to protect and preserve what few amenities we still have.

I personally know at least two families who moved to our area in the last few years because of the attraction of a nice and affordable golf course.

Twenty, 30, 40 years ago our public school systems were assets to our communities. They actually attracted residents. Now they are liabilities, deterring people from moving here. I say this with apologies to our hard-working school employees and leaders, but everyone knows it’s true. I no longer have children in the school systems, but I still pay for schools through taxes even when I’m not using them.

Similarly, we fund boat ramps and maintain them through our taxes even though not everybody has a boat. We build and maintain football fields even though not everyone has any interest in football.

And to say that the Country Club should charge members more if it needs more money is just ignorant. If business were that simple, Farm Fresh could have survived here by simply raising its prices. The Country Club is steered by a board or directors, all capable people from a variety of backgrounds, who work hard to make ends meet.

In the interest of transparency I will say that I am a member of the Country Club (but not on the board of directors,) and a taxpayer in both Franklin and Southampton County.

Holt M. Livesay