Residents should not have to support club

Published 1:52 pm Saturday, December 1, 2018

To the Editor:

I would like to speak on the “Golf Deal” that has been the topic of much discussion since it was enacted last year.

This deal is a slap in the face to county/city residents, Supervisors contribute $30,000 to a private entity, and yet we still endure high personal property and real estate taxes, not to mention PAYING $200 A YEAR TO USE PUBLIC DUMPSITES!

The country club is a private business which operates on member dues, [and] it should left to that.

If they are in need of financial help, then the dues should be raised. County residents are basically being told this is how it is. I would like to know how many residents actually go there and play since this deal was enacted.

Southampton County in no way is benefiting from this deal. How will we recoup this money? We have now invested $55,000 into the country club. If we continue this next year we will be at $80,000, for what?

The country club should have to “sink or swim” — they are a private business. When other businesses become financially strapped they make adjustments through expenditures. They should be held responsible for their own fiscal well-being and not be given our tax dollars!

Winston Johnson