Hunters for the Hungry schedule announced

Published 11:19 am Wednesday, November 14, 2018

During the annual Hoses and Hounds event early in October, the Virginia Hound Heritage presented a new portable, walk-in meat cooler to Hunters for the Hungry. This was accepted by program director Laura Newell-Furniss. The cooler, which will be used in the collection of donated venison, was made possible through donations by residents in Southampton and Sussex counties,  as well as people from surrounding areas who attended the fundraiser.

Area hunters are able to participate through donations of deer they harvest during the seven-week firearm season, and the cooler will be located at each of the seven sites listed below during that time.

Hunters are reminded to make sure that each deer has been field-dressed with the head off and the hide remaining on the carcass. Also, remove the front feet. If the hind feet are removed, do not cut the heel string.

Each deer must be recorded and accounted for on the provided forms. No carcass will be transferred to the processor without the proper information. Forms will be attached in a binder on the cooler. The forms will be sent to the HFA by the processor.

Each hunter donating will receive an entry in a raffle by Hunters for the Hungry.

These are the dates, sites and contact information for collection:

• Nov. 17-20 – Manry Hunt Club – 653-6098

• Nov. 22-27 – Delaware Hunt Club – 653-1529

• Nov. 28-Dec. 4 – Black Creek and Sedley Hunt Club – 562-7285

• Dec. 6-11 – Sussex Mini-Mart – 804-721-7229

• Dec. 13-18 – Indiantown Hunt Club – 651-8137

• Dec. 20-25 – Little Texas Hunt Club – 630-8392

• Dec. 27-Jan. 1 – Newsoms Hunt Club – 377-7076

The processor will pick up each Wednesday from the Manry Hunt Club.