‘Vocal Trash’ to bring peace, love, recyclables

Published 12:12 pm Saturday, November 10, 2018

Vocal Trash. The group’s name alone might be enough to discourage the average audiences, causing them to anticipate a vulgar display of foul language and discordant noise.

Fear not, concert-goers.

According to the ensemble’s bio-sheet, Vocal Trash will be bringing messages of “peace, love and recycling.”

Recycling, you say? That’s a good thing. Who doesn’t recycle these days? Certainly Vocal Trash, whose members have gone to landfills to find just the right discarded trash can lids or large water bottles with which to make their music. With that image in mind, you can imagine that while Vocal Trash’s message promotes harmony, the method will be energetic, to say the least. There’ll be no nodding off at this show, which is the second this season presented by the Franklin-Southampton Concert Association.

Vocal Trash has also been described as “Glee meets Stomp,” a reference to a music-themed TV show from a few years ago and a Broadway-style show that’s still around.

Find out for yourself when this seven-member Texas-based troupe comes to town. The performance is this Tuesday, Nov. 13, at 7:30 p.m. in the Southampton High School auditorium, and is the second of six concerts in the series, including the free performance of the Virginia Symphony courtesy of the Camp Foundation.

Tickets at the door are $30 per adult; $10 for student. But regular membership for each adult is only $50.

For details, contact association president Nancy Rowe at 653-2498 or Bill Vick at 653-2892, or visit franklinsouthamptonconcerts.org for more information.