Land transfers

Published 12:00 pm Saturday, November 10, 2018

Southampton County

The following land transfers were recorded in Southampton County Circuit Court in October:

Wilbert Williams & Sons Bldg C to Wilbeson Properties LLC, Franklin City 2 parcels, $0

Richard A. Pullen to Andrew N. Botdorf, Franklin City, $129,500

Mark S. Fetherolf to Angela Dawn May Williams, Franklin City, $134,800

William Mahoney to Michael J. Martin, Franklin City, $225,200

Loretta E. Allen to Alex J. Snyder, Franklin City Lot 25 Hunterdale Farm Section one, $167,500

Sheila Hobbs Ford to Sheila Hobbs Ford, Franklin City Lot 5 3.1 Ac., $0

William T. Royster to Jennifer Orchard, Franklin City Lot 7 Crescent Heights, $187,500

David B. Fisher to Shane Douglass Turner, Franklin City Lot 6 Joyner Farm Section 1, $224,900

Christopher J. Nance to Ronnie A. Smithwick, $44,500

Jasper C. Hawks to Richard B. Hawks, Franklin City Lot 47, $65,000

Equity Trustees LLC Tr. to US Bank Trust N.A., Trust Inst. #120003000, $170,489

Anthony E. Bowers to Lisa Cannon, Franklin City, Franklin City 309 Hall Street, $10,000

John M. Demaar to Jason L. Hook, Franklin City, $260,000

Patel & Dalrymple PLLC to Stonewall Properties LLC, Deed book 30 Page 158, $4,761

Margaret D. Rose to Curtis W. Drake, Franklin City, $315,000

Horace L. Bowles Jr. to Ashley Lee, Stonewall Street Franklin City, $20,000

Patricia A. Bridges to Rachel B. Blythe, Verna Street Franklin City, $0

Stonewall Properties LLC to T and A Enterprise LLC, Franklin City Lot 4, $15,000

Thomas Peyton Turner to Jerry A. Smithwick, Franklin City, $1,000

Max Barkley Porter to Daniel A. Short Jr., Franklin City West End Lot 148, $185,000

Peter Clay Pearson to Floyde Darden, Franklin City 1.457 Ac. Clay Street, $230,000

Andrew T. Mattox to Gwen Renee Fisher, Jerusalem Dist., $247,900

Gladys W. Chapman, Record certified copy of will and list of Hei, $0

Joseph M. Cobb to Daniel Brokos, Drewryville Dist., $285,000

Willie James Carr Jr. to Robert M. Felts Jr., Berlin Ivor Dist., $65,975

Annie E. Cross to Mirinda Cross, Southampton County .921 Ac., $0

Legacy IV Farms LLC to Charles J. Artis, Southampton County Plat Book 36 Page 136, $4,000

Tina Louise Cooley to Tina Louise Bradshaw, $0

Essie Mae Harrell, Record will and appoint executor, $0

Samuel I. White P.C., Tr. to Federal National Mortgage Asso., Trust Inst. #070003644, $26,400

Byron R. Taylor Jr. to John S. Petroskey Jr., Berlin Ivor Dist., $0

Premier Investment Properties to Fonsa Ford, Drewryville Dist. 8079 Southampton Parkway, $168,500

John Hancock Mutual Life Insur. to Holt M. Livesay, Jerusalem Dist., $0

Ricky Taylor to Jason C. Fowler, Town Courtland, $27,000

David A. Falcone to David A. Falcone, Sedley Village Johnsons Mill Road, $0

Earl Nelson Peeples to Robert E. Joyner Jr., 25 Acres Drewryville Dist., $52,000

Donald J. Arbaugh to Donald J. Arbaugh, Newsoms Dist., $0

Loren D. Beard to Travis R. Lassiter, Courtland Town Lot 19 0.413 Ac., $135,000

George Thomas Watkins, Real Estate Affidavit for Ivor Property, $0

Jeanette Marie Watkins, Appoint Administration, $0

Fairfield T. Bain to Edward H. George, Berlin Ivor Dist. Plat Book 36 Page 138 & 139, $108,400

Virginia Harris Yount, Qualification on Estate, $0

Judith Rae Brinkley, Probate will only, $0

Sean P. Pettinger to Darrel W. Hill III, 4.16 Acres Jerusalem Dist., $259,900

Darrel W. Hill III to Ashely D. Gavin, Peachtree Street Jerusalem Dist., $14,000

Vanderbilt Mortgage and Financ. to Phillip G. Finch, Drewryville Magisterial District, $127,000

James Hansford to Bradley R. Jernigan, Franklin Dist. Lot 2, $122,000

Seed Limited Partnership RLL to Hunter Darden Jr., Franklin Dist., $0

James A. Bulls Sr. to Irvin L. Stephens, Oak Avenue Sedley Jerusalem Dist. Plat in Pb 36 Pg 138, $0

William A. Ensley Sr. to Horace O. Ensley, Jerusalem Dist. Plat Book 36 Page 137, $0

Paul Matthews to Sharon Kay Bailey, Franklin Dist. 28367 Pretlow Road, $0

Southampton Property Alliance to Webb Brothers LLC, Whitehead Road Boykins Dist., $184,900

Merwyn Walter Nadeau Jr., Probate will and appoint executor, $0

Joel C. Westbrook to Marvin A. Westbrook, $0

Merherrin Agricultural & Chemic to Greenwoodrrdt LLC, Boykins Dist. Plat Book 36 Page 140, $32,500

Newsoms Volunteer Fire Dept. to Virginia Electric and Power Co, Southampton County, $0

Jessie L. Pope Jr. to Danika N. Pope, Boykins Town, $0

Frank M. Rawls to Claudette Chapell McGhee, Berlin Ivor Dist., $4,185.17

Richard R. Dickerson to Richard R. Dickerson, Southampton County, $0

Annie Lee Duff to Walter L. Young III, Franklin Dist., $154,210

Jean A. Barker to Sarah F. Powell, Jerusalem Dist., $165,000

Gilbert H. Whitley Jr., Probate will and appoint executor

Ella Jean Overby, Probate will only no appointment, $0

Rodger R. Drake to Rodger R. Drake Tr., Newsoms Dist.,$0

Rodger R. Drake to Rodger R. Drake Tr., Newsoms Dist.,$0

Rodger R. Drake to Rodger R. Drake Tr., Newsoms Dist., $0

Legacy IV Farms LLC to Charles J. Artis, Inst. #180002341, $0

Hank Harris to Ernest Lauren Stieh, Village of Drewryville, $50,000

Arthur Dean Skinner to Rebecca L. Gray, Franklin Dist. Lot 3 Section II Edgehill, $38,395

Surety Tustees LLC Tr. to US Bank NA, Trust Inst. #050002260, $114,444.07

Scott D. Claud to Dianne Garrett, Drewryville Village, $0

Robert E. Old Jr. to Jame K. Snipes, Franklin Dist. $30,000

Will R. Kitchen Jr. to Lee G. Hooker, Berlin Ivor Dist. 2 parcels, $7,560

Lee Anne Vick Long to Newsoms Mill Pond Inc., Newsoms Dist., $50,000

Milton R. Tann Sr., Record copy of will, $0

Waylon Mark Tann, Record copy of will, $0

Jacob P. Hedgepeth to Jacob P. Hedgepeth, 35.01 Acres Capron Dist. Linden Street Courtland Town, $0

Equity Trustees LLC Tr. to JP Morgan Chase Bank NA, Trust Inst. #110002885, $60,370

Sandra B. Haynie to Steven S. Dudley Jr., Southampton County 13.983 Ac. Black Creek Road, $65,500

George Pilkington III to VHF Timber Associates LLC, Drewryville Dist. 67.6 Ac., $0

Jihad Said Muhsin to Merrill Alexander Hurt, $0

Community Restoration Corporat to Ovidio Cordon, 28006 Pretlow Road Southampton County, $4,000

Newsome LLC to Trailer Sales LLC, 10.94 Acres & 108.842 Acres Newsoms Dist, $358,602

U.S. Bank National Association to Stacys Real Estate LLC, 26053 Glyndon Street Courtland Town, $84,592