Voters did their part

Published 10:38 am Wednesday, November 7, 2018

It was refreshing to hear from the area registrars of what appeared to be an essentially better-than-expected turnout for Election Day on Tuesday. Local matters aside for the moment, perhaps this was because it was a mid-term election with Republicans hoping to keep their seats, and Democrats striving to take or maintain their own.

The results on the national level — and how they could affect the country — will keep talking heads on news programs chattering for hours, if not days.

Closer to home, Southampton County residents were also interested in who will be their next full-time treasurer. Over in Windsor, the voters got to choose a two council members and a new mayor. We wish them all the best in their coming terms.

We commend local voters for making the time to exercise their right to cast ballots. While you might not think it will mean anything, we believe you will see otherwise in the months and years to come.