Stop the flooding by cleaning the ditches

Published 2:39 pm Saturday, October 27, 2018

To the Editor:

Regarding  VDOT and the Southampton County Board of Supervisors, instead of spending a lot of money on General Thomas Highway, why don’t you clear out all the ditches back to the river? There is a family of beavers back there and this is flooding the fields. I live on Handsom Road, and our road always floods when we get a lot of rain, and when it rains a lot upcountry, the water travels here.

Now, when is the last time any of you traveled on Beale Road here in Handsom? It has turned into a cowpath. There are a couple of school buses that have to travel through the road. You all really do need to fix the road. Again, it floods because the ditches are full of trash. Divide the money into three parts. I am sure you can, I think.

Shirley Story