Kentucky man travels here for knee surgery

Published 10:09 am Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Roy A. Griffin Jr. already knew the experience of knee surgery from 12 years ago, but in his estimation the one he had on Monday barely compares. Griffin was so pleased by the outcome, that he wants everyone to know about the unique operation performed by local orthopedic surgeon Dr. Manish Patel in Southampton Memorial Hospital.

Roy A Griffin Jr. is already walking about after having had knee surgery by Dr. Manish A. Patel on Monday at Southampton Memorial Hospital. Griffin came all the way from Kentucky to have the procedure. — Stephen Cowles | Tidewater News

Meeting Griffin in his hospital room, he was seated in a chair rather than reclining in the bed. Dressed casually, the 73-year-old had a thickly wound bandage around the right knee. After several minutes of conversation, he was ready to walk about and show how quickly the knee is healing.

The patient came all the way from his home in Rineyville, Kentucky, to have this procedure thanks to one of his sisters, Teressa Holt of Courtland. She herself had enjoyed a rapid recovery following her own knee surgeries by Patel in February and June this year.

“She done so good, I had to give it a chance,” said Griffin, who picked this site also in part for the location; the closest Griffin could find anyone doing the same would have taken him to Maine.

“This is absolutely the best deal. No question,” he said.

A dozen years ago, Griffin had his left knee operated on in Virginia Beach. He recalled that six weeks passed before he was fully functioning again. The first three were spent either recuperating in bed or getting around in a wheelchair. The next few he could use a cane, and there were three months of physical therapy awaiting.

Patel said the recent complete replacement was done in 35 minutes using a local sedative — rather than anesthesia — to numb the patient from the waist down.

“He never felt a thing,” the doctor added.

The traditional method is to cut into the muscle and tendon, replace the knee, then stitch everything back. The uniqueness of his operation, which Patel has dubbed “the jiffy knee,” is that he cuts into the skin at an angle and lifts the muscle and tendon to make the replacement.

“Rehabilitation is significantly faster,” said the doctor, who also specializes in sports medicine.

Patel, who said he teaches nationally, has even set up for people to learn more.

Griffin also recalled that after the first surgery, his pain level would range around level 8 after walking several years; now it’s level 1 or even nothing.

“There’s no comparison. No comparison,” he added for emphasis.

The spry patient said with a confident smile that he will drive home.