Land transfers

Published 11:17 am Thursday, October 18, 2018

southampton County

The following land transfers were recorded in Southampton County Circuit Court in September:

Carrie Lee J. Wood to Joshua L. Jones, Franklin City Lot 19 Joyners Acres, $142,000

Premier Bank Inc. to Keith Buxton, Franklin City High St., $74,539

Ricky Taylor to Pete T. Twisdale II, Franklin City Lot 16 and 17 Meadowbrook, $22,000

Thomas Frederick Jackson, Record real estate affidavit, $0

Helen Schug Jackson, Record will and appoint executor, $0

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Clayton Mitchell, Franklin City 607 Pretlow Street Trust Inst. #180001465, $26,002

JP Morgan Chase Bank to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Franklin City, $247,831

Total Home Care LLC to JMJ Property Investments LLC, 819 Cool Spring Street Franklin City, $21,500

Harvey L. Hasty to Bryan Boyette, Franklin City Lot 17, $116,000

Agnes K. Gayle to Richard L. Matthew Jr., Franklin City, $0

Christopher A. Dail to Michael Scott Barry, Franklin City Lot 5 Wdgewater Terrace, $125,000

Charles Gatten to Brian E. Beachum, Franklin City, $194,550

CR 2018 LLC to MPI Properties LLC, Franklin City 835 Cool Spring Street, $31,000

Lee F. Dixon to Clayton L. Best II, Franklin City Lot 5 Sub Div J L Camp Homeplace, $218,000

Adam B. Carter to Keith D. Davidson Sr., Franklin City Lot #7 Sec 2 Regency Estates, $269,900

Amanda Lynn Crumpler to Amanda Lynn Crumpler, Franklin City 2 Parcels Southampton County 1 Parcel, $0

Johnnie H. Worrell to Dean P. Russell, Franklin City, $10,000

Shirley Mae Griffin to Jean Boone, 15.216 Acres Barrow Road Capron Plat In Pb 36 Pg 131, $0

Monica J. Blythe to Timothy C. Hobb, Franklin Dist. Lot 43T 1.080 Ac, $234,900

Wesley L. Cashwell to David J. Frank, Berlin Ivor Dist., $273,855

Kyle P. Prendergast to Matthew W. Franklin, Capron Parcel 1, $240,000

Amanda L. Crumpler to Lance C. Meads, Franklin Dist. Lot 3 4.470 Ac., $231,000

Professional Foreclosure Corp to Wells Fargo Bank N.A., Trust Inst. #130000138, $133,650

Pearl Willis Buhls to Linda B. Beale, Berlin Ivor Dist. Part of Wombel Tract 54.2 Ac., $0

Bank of America N.A. to Cross Country Equity LLC, Berlin Ivor Dist Lot 2 Corinth Road Inst. #180001630, $117,125

John D. Cornwell to Dent W. Kelley, Franklin Dist. 1.587 Ac., $30,000

Preston A. Wood to Jayson Williams, Capron Dist. 2.00 Ac., $20,000

Parsons Homes Inc. to Merriel W. Raiford, Franklin Dist. Plat Book 36 Page 132, $47,000

Parsons Homes Inc. to Jason B. Wise, Franklin Dist., $42,000

Marian W. Hamlin to Justin E. Howell, Berlin Ivor Dist., $75,000

Whit B. Collins to WE Realty LLC, Sedley Village, 18050 Johnsons Mill Road, $68,200

Allen Tillson Bland, Record Real Estate Affidavit, $0

Bank of America N.A. to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Boykins Town, $10

Alton McCoy Darden to Wallace E. Darden Jr., Courtland Town Lot 141, $0

Stephanie Shenace, Record Real Estate Affidavit, $0

Edward Artis Jr. to Lawanda Rogers, Drewryville Dist., $75,100

George R. Prince Jr. to Milton Colbert, Main Street Boykins Town, $20,000

James S. Green to Jerry Rose Rose Jr., Jerusalem Road Jerusalem Dist. Plat In PB 36 Pg 133, $80,000

Ruth C. Moore to Daphne Banks, Berlin Ivor Dist, $0

Rita Beltrami Jones to Robert Walter Mitchell, Franklin Dist., $0

Wells Fargo Bank N.A. to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Drewryville Dist. 12171 Old Belfield Road Inst. #180001194, $10

Bobbi Michele Snead Beale to Bobbi Michele Snead, $0

Joseph M. Burgess, Record will & appoint exec.,$0

Elaine Johnson to Jason C. Fowler, Courtland Town, $22,000

W Group LLC to Gregory Scott, Franklin Dist., $54,500

Terry Gregory Peden to Theresa Elaine Peden, Berlin Ivor Dist., $0

Nanette R. Criddle to Ira Thomas Barham, Capron Dist., $0

Robert L. Jones to David M. Strozier, Franklin Dist. Lot 10 Section 2 Scottswood Sec Two, $145,900

Tony L. Pulley Jr. to Jean Russell, Franklin Dist. Lot 22 Scottswood Sec Two, $147,000

David T. Banty to Bety B. Banty, Capron Dist., $0

Dianne D. Hirsch to Sharon D. Mayes, Franklin Dist., $0

Christopher D. Cooley to Tara Suzanne Fowler, Courtland Town Lot 26, $130,000

Alice Logan to Fannie H. Faltz, Jerusalem Dist. 2 Parcels, $0

Viola B. Worrell to Olando Ofield Willis, Capron Dist. Lot 1 Vincents Grove Sub Div 1.922 Ac., $33,000

Judie R. McNamara to Judy S. McNamara, Berlin Ivor Dist., $0

Timothy L. Twiddy to Timothy L. Twiddy, Franklin Dist. Lot 12 0.964 Ac., $0

Matthew G. Miles to Roy M. Davis, Drewryville Dist., $169,600

W Group LLC to Jessica C. Rospendowski, Franklin Dist. Declaration of restrictions included, $70,500

Charles D. Felts to Southampton Solar LLC, Second Amended and Restated, $5,500

Farm & Food Industries Inc. to Southampton Solar LLC, Inst. #170000481, $0

US Bank N.A. Tr. By AIF to Michael Grizzard, Drewryville Dist. 1.50 Ac, $23,500

Amanda Nicole Spence to Amanda Nicole Drewry, $0

Donald G. Murfee Jr. to Southampton Farms LLC, Drewryville Dist., $454,804.66

Ryan A. Moore to Wayland A. Drake, Franklin Dist. 2.001 Ac., $265,000

Shirley B. Mabe Revocable Trust to H Grayson Mitchell Jr., Drewryville Dist. $330,812

Blanche Vaughn Whitehead, Record will & appoint executor, $0

R. Samuel Cobb Jr. to Charles B. Cobb, Drewryville Village, $0

Fannie Mae AKA to Christine M. Sullivan, Newsoms Dist. Inst. #180000168, $88,700

Winston A. Johnson to Monica J. Blythe, Trust Inst. #160001380, $0

Robert M. Stephenson to Michael Dean McNulty, Trust Inst. #180001556, $0

Alonzo M. Woodard to Alonzo M. Woodard, Trust Inst. #180001581, $0