Connecting with constituents

Published 11:21 am Thursday, October 18, 2018

We were pleased to hear that people who attended the legislative breakfast on Tuesday got an opportunity not just to see Gov. Ralph Northam, but more importantly also to talk with him beyond the brief hellos and how-are-you’s.

The governor reportedly made himself available to speak on a personal basis with whomever came in contact. We hope that the 46 students who were sponsored by IP to attend appreciated the time he spent asking what they want for their future. This was no mere courting young voters.

Further, it was encouraging that Northam spoke about the importance of education — from the earliest years through college and vo-tech training. Appropriately, he touched on Paul D. Camp Community College and the event setting of its Workforce Development Center. Both are vital components for Western Tidewater residents to seek or expand learning and vocational training.

Lest it be forgotten, a round of applause and a second serving of scrambled eggs to the Franklin Southampton Chamber of Commerce for organizing this event about two months ago. We hope that another such visit could be made possible in a year or so later. We’re sure it would attract even more people than the first time.