Generosity becomes hunters

Published 5:05 pm Wednesday, October 10, 2018

People who think that hunters only look out for themselves are likely people who have never hunted and know nothing of its necessity. Sad. Nor are they aware of the generosity that such sportsmen have shown to families and individuals they know are in need of food.

The program Hunters for the Hungry, well known to many in Western Tidewater, has been going strong since its founding in 1991. We were pleasantly surprised to learn that since then, over 26 million quarter-pound servings of deer meat have been provided to the organization to help the aforementioned.

We commend not only that program, but also the Virginia Hound Heritage. That local organization, along with the Boykins Volunteer Fire Department, helped to raise money to buy the H4H program a portable, walk-in meat cooler to store deer meat contributed by hunters. A tip of the hunting cap goes to all who participated for this worthy endeavor.

This is an excellent example that proves hunters in Western Tidewater think of others, even during hunting season.