Dukes win over Cougars

Published 4:54 pm Wednesday, October 10, 2018

A win is a win, even if it’s by one point. According to team spokesman Roland Downing, the Windsor High School Dukes “played their hearts out” last Friday and won 33-32 against the Surry High School Cougars.

Malik Lee led the way for the Dukes with four touchdowns. Gage Griffin also threw two touchdown passes. Surry’s Donald Gatling had a 45-yard run, but that failed.

Windsor’s Malik Lee caught a 27-yard pass from Gage Griffin. Kip Holloway kicked. Lee later had a nine-yard run, but that failed.

Surry’s Gatling had a three-yard run, but that run failed. He had a one-yard run, but the kick failed.

Lee caught a 42-yard pass from Griffin, which Lee completed. Lee also had a 65-yard kick off return, but the run failed.

Gatling had a 45-yard run, and Kahorie Batten also ran.Batten later had a 74-yard run, but that run failed.

Windsor’s Holloway had a 15-yard run, but that run failed.

In rushing, the Dukes had 39 rushes for 206 yards. The Cougars had 45 rushes for 394 yards.

Windsor made five attempts in passing, with four completions for 100 yards. None by Surry. The Dukes achieved 13 first downs; Cougars, 12.

Windsor hosts Greensville on Friday, Oct. 12, at 7 p.m.