Learning never stops

Published 11:02 am Saturday, October 6, 2018

When Franklin Police Chief Phil Hardison was interviewed earlier this week, he referenced the process required to earn a license that would one day enable him to fly airplanes. (Note: He’ll be exploring options in commercial aviation after retirement.) On receiving it, his instructor told Hardison he now has “a license to learn.” The understanding then was that he’ll always discover there’s more to flying a plane than just getting a permit.

So, too, with leading a police department. Once a title is granted doesn’t mean there’s not still more to learn about what it takes to make a fine law enforcement agency.

Quite the contrary, and Hardison knew that going in when he arrived 14 years ago. The office got an overhaul in protocols and, most likely, personnel, and everyone was expected to bring their best selves every day they served the public.

The requirement for excellence has extended to everyone since then, and as a result, the city has a police force that’s connected to people. Consider the example of the three officers who, this past summer, tactfully prevented a man from killing himself. They used words first, and didn’t have to resort to force automatically.

With Hardison’s announced retirement, effective Jan. 1, we want to salute him for his leadership in making the department one of high quality. We hope that whoever gets to fill his shoes will likewise encourage the staff to continue improving their job knowledge and maintain the high standards that Franklin has come to expect.