Raiders win over Knights

Published 10:06 am Wednesday, October 3, 2018

The Southampton Academy Raiders won 56 to 14 over Cary Christian School Knights on Friday at Pillow Field in Courtland.

Dale Marks, head coach and athletic director of Southampton Academy, described the game highlights:

“Our first score was at 10:15 left in the first quarter. Montae Barrett had a 14-yard run and scored; he also got the 2-point conversion. Barrett had a second touch down on a two-yard run, but the 2-point conversion was no good. The third score came from Winston Browne who had a 56-yard run. Wyatt Jernigan threw a pass to Josh Smiley for the conversion.

“We led off the second quarter with a 54-yard pass from Wyatt Jernigan to Josh Smiley. Wyatt ran for a 2-point conversion, but that failed. Corbin Womble, a defense lineman, had a 43-yard interception return for a touch down; the conversion failed. Tripp Matthews had a three-yard run for a touch down.

“In the second half, the first score of the third quarter was a 45-yard pass from Jernigan to Smiley for the touch down. Wyatt ran the 2-point conversion. The last score was an eight-yard run by Tripp Matthews, who also run the conversion.”

Marks continued, “Obviously, we surpassed them [the Knights] quickly and got a large lead. We put the second team guys in the second quarter. They saw a lot of action. We also put the starters back in. We’re building for the future.”

He noted two players who performed well on the field that evening: Wyatt Jernigan for his throwing, and Dalton Harrison, a defense lineman.

Scoring in quarters

The Raiders had 22 in the first; 18 in the second; 16 in the third; but none in the fourth. The Knights had nothing in the first and third; eight in the second; and six in the fourth.

The Raiders rushed the ball 26 times for 256 yards. In passing, they were 3 for 3 for 107 yards. Wyatt Jernigan saw 3 for all in passing.

Leading in rushing, Montae Barrett had nine times for 83 yards and got two touch downs.

In punting, the team did so one time for 41 yards; the Knights had 3 for 3 for four yards.

Cary had two fumbles and lost two; none for SA.

The make-up game against Grace Christian took place on Tuesday, but the results were not available at press time.

The Raiders will compete against Faith Christian School this Friday, Oct. 5, for its homecoming game; the action starts at 7 p.m.

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