Southampton Indians cage Sussex Central Tigers

Published 10:54 am Wednesday, September 26, 2018

The Southampton High School Indians kept the Sussex Central Tigers’ caged and their claws trimmed, 24-6, on Friday evening at the SHS field.

The home team scored eight points within the first seven minutes, and the visitors remained at zero throughout the first half.

With 6:02 left in the second, John Johnson caught a pass from Reid Wilkerson and crossed the goal line for the touch down, much to the excitement of the crowd. The 2-point conversion was successful, and brought the Indians to 16-0. The thrills continued when another player caught a touch down pass at 5.4 seconds remaining; the conversion was good, putting the home team at 24 points.

Returning after half time became a struggle for both sides as each repeatedly gained and lost ground. The several penalties incurred by the Indians certainly didn’t help.

Not until 8:35 left in the third were the Tigers successful in getting their one and only goal for the night.

Littleton Parker, head coach for the Indians, was overall pleased with his young men.

“They played a good ball game,” he said, and acknowledged that game was “full of penalties, which hurt us a lot.”

Parker noted that the Indians played aggressively and showed improvement.

“They did the things we worked on,” he said.

The Indians play host to Brunswick Senior on Friday, Sept. 28. The game starts at 7 p.m.