Police department, officers praised for professionalism

Published 11:10 am Wednesday, September 26, 2018

To the Editor:

In today’s society, we often hear unfavorable news concerning police officers. I wanted to sing the praises of our Franklin Police Department and four officers in particular: Officer Capps, Officer Warren, Sgt. Thomas and Officer Burggraff.

On the night on Sept. 24, I had just arrived home when my cell phone rang. A group of volunteers were at Franklin Baptist Church prepping to make hygiene kits for those persons displaced by Hurricane Florence. One of the volunteers thought they saw a man, not a part of their group, walking down the hall.

They relayed the situation to me, and I suggested they call 911 and I would meet them at the church.

When I arrived at Franklin Baptist Church, the officers were waiting for me. In a very thorough and professional manner, they asked the volunteers to remain in a secure location, and then methodically canvassed the building with me.

Officers Capps, Warren, Burggraff and Sgt. Thomas were timely, professional and effective in the discharge of their duties.

Please accept a grateful and sincere Thank you for your service!

Rev. Steven R. Gibson
Associate Pastor/Music
Moderator, Blackwater Baptist Association