Church seeking donations

Published 12:09 pm Wednesday, September 19, 2018

The Rev. Dr. Charles Qualls has posted on the church’s Facebook page the following announcement, which he shared with The Tidewater News:

“In response to the needs of those suffering from the impact of Hurricane Florence, Franklin Baptist Church will assemble disaster hygiene kits as we did last year. We will accept donations of individual items (listed below) which are needed; however, please ensure that they are of the size requested, as they MUST all fit in a gallon-sized zip lock bag. Items may be dropped off at the church.

”A year ago, we sent more than 1,000 of these kits to Hurricane Harvey and Irma victims. Let’s again do that many at least.

“Monetary donations are much appreciated; we have members who are prepared to shop for the items. If you write a check to Franklin Baptist Church, please note on the memo line ‘Disaster Kits.’

“We will publicize the date and time when we are ready to pack the kits, once items have been collected.

We have had numerous requests from members and non-members to be involved in this important ministry. Thank you for your willing generosity.

“Individual items needed: (Stores listed are where items can often be found, but all stores should have the items.)

• Bar of soap (Dollar Tree had several brands that were 3 for $1)

• Lotion (3 ounce works well — Dollar Tree had several kinds)

• Shampoo (Walmart had several kinds that were 3 ounce)

• Deodorant (travel size – Dollar Tree had a number of different brands)

• Washcloth (Dollar Tree had decent ones 3 for $1)

• Small hand towel (Dollar Tree or Walmart)

• Comb/small brush (Walmart had small brush)

• Shaving cream/disposable razors (travel size, Dollar Tree had disposable razors of several kinds)

• Facial tissues (individually wrapped packs – Dollar Tree carries package of 8 for $1)

• Toothbrush/toothpaste (travel size toothpaste)

• Gallon-sized zip lock bags (with slide zipper tabs)

• Quart-sized zip lock bags