Youth football, cheer squads prepare for new season

Published 3:42 pm Saturday, September 8, 2018

Football teams/cheerleading squads of the Franklin Youth Football & Cheer League are in preparation for another year of youth football. Presently, the five teams of the league are involved with registration and practice for the upcoming season that will kick off on Wednesday, Sept. 19. All interested boys and girls of the area are invited to register for the team that is closest to their home.

The Board of Directors has been very busy in the planning process of the league. At a meeting held in May, the board unanimously elected Michael Bradshaw to be league commissioner. Bradshaw is no stranger to youth sports in Franklin, as he has coached with the Franklin Mustangs in past years.

Presently, Bradshaw serves as the head coach of the junior varsity team for the Southampton Academy Raiders football team. During meetings held for this season, Bradshaw has brought a wealth of knowledge that will be of great benefit to the league for this season.

Although the majority of the games will be at the Armory Drive Football facility, some will be held at different locations such as Windsor High School, Holland Sports Center and the Surry County High School Football Stadium. Also new this year, some games will be played on Saturdays.

The age groups will be as follows for both football and cheerleading.

6 – 8 (Flag division)

9 -11 (Junior division)

12-13 (Senior division)

Teams and a contact person of the teams are listed as follows. Each of these teams will have coaches and cheering squad staffs for the age divisions listed above.

Surry Cougars – Glenn Lyttle – 294-3044

Boykin’s Bulldogs – Christopher Hill – 377-8066

Franklin Mustangs – Derek Bynum – 650-8224

Windsor Knights – Deniss Bradshaw – 757-650-8499

Holland Razorbacks – Charles Lovern – 402-7382

League Cheering Director Lee Ann Sweat – 304-7694

League Commissioner – Michael Bradshaw – 653-7291

For any additional information, call the main office of the Franklin Department of Parks & Recreation at 562-2475.