Special angels to her rescue

Published 10:19 am Wednesday, August 29, 2018

To the Editor:

I recently broke my femur (don’t try this, as it is not fun,) and the rescue squad scooped me up, literally, and delivered me to Southampton Memorial where I spent two and a half weeks, mostly in skilled care, recovering enough to return home.

Across the board I received excellent care by compassionate, competent staff, and have not one complaint. Hospital food is really good, honestly, and the staff working in dietary went out of their way to provide pleasing meals. The nursing staff were all pleasant and there when I needed them.

Some were special angels, and they know who they are. With the excellent therapy and nursing care I recovered quite quickly and was able to get back to my own bed and home.

Until my disastrous encounter with a gas grill that I had no business messing with I had not fully appreciated how lucky we are to have a hospital of such high quality in this area. Thank you, thank you to all the dedicated staff of SMH and the rescue squad.

Nancy M. Stutts