Land transfers

Published 10:11 am Wednesday, August 22, 2018

The following land transfers were recorded in Southampton County Circuit Court in July:

James Anthony Holeman to George C. Main, Franklin City Lot 87, $135,000

Franklin V. Huss to John C. Blythe, Franklin City, $59,900

Judith A. Persons to MGM LLC, Franklin City 2 Parcels, $80,000

Patel & Dalrymple P LLC Tr. to Ellis Cofield Jr., Deed Book 376 Page 634 Franklin City Lot 101 Riverview, $37,400

UB Bank Trust NA Tr. By AIF to Derick J. Chapple, Franklin City 215 Hogart Street, $66,500

Monte Cristo Management LLC to Jeremy S. Wimmer, Franklin City Lot 153, $17,000

Franklin Properties VA LLC to Ravinder S. Kohli, Franklin City, $0

Ravinder S. Kohli to City of Franklin, Franklin City, $0

Bong Hui Yoon to Jason Geis, 304 North College Drive Franklin City, $104,000

S & D Holdings LLC to Integrity Group Consulting LLC, Franklin City Lot 7, $27,775

Matthew David Stephany to Lee Ann Graham, Franklin City 400 Meadow Lane, $170,000

Christopher M. Novaloski to Tyler A. Jones, Franklin City 132 Dale Circle, $129,900

Bronco Federal Credit Union to Pedro R. Mendoza, Franklin City Lot 103 Section Two Holliknol, $120,000

Calvin J. Sing to Michael L. Smith, Franklin City, $83,930

Alvin J. Griffith to Diane C. Griffith Tr., Franklin City Lot 74 Holliknol Section Two, $0

Aurelius Walter Brantley, Probate Will and Appoint Co-Executors, $0

Jason A. Junn to Clinton Smith, Cl #17 – 262, $22,000

Bobby B. Worrell to Amber K. Ricks, Franklin City, $75,000

Bobby L. Wade to Ronald A. Harrington, Franklin City, $106,500

Emogene Powell McNeely, Record Will & Qualify Exec, $0

Cobbtown Veterans Community CE to Cao Investments LLC, Franklin City, $60,000

Cobbtown Veterans Community CE to Cao Investments LLC, Franklin City, $60,000

Richard M. Dorn to Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC, Trust Inst. #180000063, $0

Atlantic Trustee Services LL to Bank of America N.A., Trust Inst. #100001638, $131,878.52

Donald C. Babb to Nicholas D. Pennington, Berlin Ivor Dist. 1.001 Ac, $145,000

Diann J. Davenport to Ryland L. Lankford Jr., Capron Dist., $187,000

Jeshua J. Lehman to Alexander M. Peffley, Berlin Ivor Dist, $176,000

Shirley Wooten to Shirley Wooten Revocable Trust, Boykins Dist., $0

Smiles Apartments LLC to Amanda Lynn Crumpler, Courtland Town 2.02 Ac Plat Book 36 Page 117, $280,000

Carrington Mortgage Services to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Newsoms Dist. 2.215 Ac, $1.00

Bank of America N.A. By AIF to Stanley Allen Crawford, Courtland Town 26365 Shady Brook Trail Inst. #180000013, $63,000

Charles D. Fisher Jr. to Matthew Benjamin Snead, Sedley Village Lot 5 Sycamore Avenue, $124,900

Estella Bittle, Real Estate Affidavit, $0

John Frank Bittle, Qualify Administrator, $0

Robert Theodore Barnes Jr., Real Estate Affidavit, $0

Joseph Vaughan, Record Real Estate Affidavit, $0

Dorothy Benson Vaughan, Record Real Estate Affidavit, $0

John M. Claud to Mecklenburg Electric Coop, Drewryville Dist., $0

Robert P. Hall to Mecklenburg Electric Coop, Drewryville Dist., $0

Margaret K. Worrell to Randy E. Burgess, Capron Dist., $87,500

Fannie Mae AKA to Sparkmaster 5 Company LLC, Ivor Town, $80,000

Virginia Housing Development to Whitney S. Barnhill, Boykins Town, $54,000

Kevin P. Lancaster to David J. Power, Berlin Ivor Dist., Lot 1 3.74 Ac, $60,000

Jeffery W. Parker to Billy J. Humphries, Newsoms Dist. 0.876 Ac, $92,500

Steven R. Whipple to Steven R. Whipple, Franklin Dist. Lot Country Roads Sub Div, $0

Doris R. Murfee, Probate of Will, $0

Kathy S. Overton to Joseph O. Elliott, Jerusalem Dist., $79,000

Sarah Davis Gray to Sarah Cobb Davis, $0

Tara Marie Whitehead to Tara Marie Taylor, $0

Mary B. Blythe to Emory D. Cisco, 2.770 Acres Franklin Dist., $56,000

Li Hei Interprises to Kris A. Marie, 8390 Main Street Ivor Town, $11,550

Maurice Tennessee to Wayne F. Tennessee, Drewryville Dist., $0

Kathleen A. Bulls, Record Will and Appoint 2 Executors, $0

Elizabeth Shizuko Edwards to Elizabeth Shizuko Maccullum, $0

Ronald L. Parsons to David P. Pair, Lot 13 Pines of Ivor, $23,000

Duane M. Harver to Duane M. Harver, Berlin Ivor Dist., $0

James W. Thorton to Christopher L. Bailey, Franklin Dist., Lot 1 Sec A 0.655Ac and Lot 1 Sec B 0.607Ac, $176,500

Henrietta Wright to Richard C. Smith, Capron Dist. 7.66 Ac Parcel B, $30,000

Parsons Homes Inc to Angela Cataldo, Franklin Dist. Lot 19 Bethel Farms Plat Book 36 Page 123, $34,000

Tracy L. Campbell to Thad G. Cimino, Newsoms Dist., $125,000

Doris Miller, Record Real Estate Affidavit, $0

Surety Trustees LLC to Bank of America NA, Trust Inst. #080000242, $43,740

John Gaines Miller III, Record Will and Appoint Executor, $0

Francesca E. Bloom to Kyle L. Thorpe, Newsoms Dist., $275,000

Rosetta Reese to June Laverne Resse, Berlin Ivor Dist. Parcel Two, $0

Krystyn L. Goodwin to Stephanie S. Forrest, Franklin Dist. Lot 11 1.38Ac Cypress Woods Sub Div, $166,000

Cynthia D. Scott to Sherman A. Vincent, Franklin Dist. Lot 6 Sec One Jesse McClenny Sub Div, $45,000

Gladys L. Bryant to Gladys L. Bryant, Capron Dist., $0

Phillip H. Page Jr. to Katina Harris Carter, Franklin Dist. Lot 11 Section 3 Regency Estates, $272,713

Pat T. Langley to Okpun W. Langley, Franklin City Pine Avenue Lot 19, $0

Southgate Lee Jr. to Catherine Alexis Jones, Drewryville Dist. 1.75, $0

Gilbert W. Francis Jr. to Darlene Woodard, Inst. #160002886 and Inst. #170000922 Plat Book 36 Page 121, $0

HSBC Bank USA NA to Nationstar Mortgage LLC, Inst. #080002873, $0

The following land transfers were recorded in Isle of Wight County Circuit Court in July:

NVR Inc to Deena Wright, Lot 131 Ph 4A Benns Grant, $361,028

William K. Holland to US Bank Trust N.A., Tr., Parcel Rt 603 Inst 05 – 6902, $180,759.05

Gary Lee Jones to Jeremiah James Lukkes, Lot 6 Sec 6 Grimesland – T/S, $210,000

Perry J. Johns to Bryan Alexander, Lt 143 Tract 2 Ph 4 Eagle Harbor, $325,000

Paul Klapka to William E. Smith, Tr., Unit 56 Ph 18 Eagle Harbor, $219,000

Charles W. Taylor to Stone Financing LLC, Lot 97 Tr 2 Ph 3 Eagle Harbor – N/D, $340,000

Stone Financing LLC to Sotonya R. Mooton, Lot 97 Tr 2 Ph 3 Eagle Harbor – N/D, $340,000

Rex W. Alphin to Stanley J. Wilkins, Lot D 4.010 Ac Rex W. Alphin Prop – W/D, $195,000

James A. Rizer to Crystal Salazar Kolis, Lot 168 Oh 3 Wellington Park – T/D, $337,500

Carrie A. Estes to Helena D. Bates, Lot 16 Ph 1 Founders Pointe – N/D, $480,000

Percy L. Gupton to Percy L. Gupton, Par 9 Percy L. Gupton and Patricia Gupton, $0

Joann Batten Burnham to Justin T. Bracey, Family Transfer Joann Batten Burham to Justin T. Bracey, $0

Curlie Bell Holliman to Curlie B Holliman Irrevocable Trust, St Rt 603 William Briggs Estate Prop – W/D, $0

Philip Davis to Michael B. Thomas, Highway 258 and 460 .04 Acres Bertram R. Hingerty, $171,000

John W. Carter to Michael B. Craver, 1.025 Ac Hannah Wise G Hollans Prop Five Forks Road – N/D, $268,500

Matthew K. Peabody to Peter Coleman Glanville, 2.675 Ac Par 1 Charles F. Glanville – N/D, $284,625

Janice E. Webb to Janice E. Webb, Lot 15 Sec 2 Cannon Acres – N/D, $0

Bank National Association to Patsy A. Watson, Lt 11 Wellington Park Ph 1 T/S, $32,700

Anthony Wayne Moody to Michael R. Czarnecki, Lt 3 Wrenns Mill Extates Sec 3-B H/D, $265,000

Patel & Dalrymple PLLC to Garland W. Edwards, Inst. 03 – 7465 Inst. 17 – 3849 Lot 9 Queen Annes Court Ph 1 – N/D, $74,000

S&L Property Holdings to Thomas R. Ivy, Prop Line Adj S Dawson Moody – T/S, $150,000

Jane M. Jones to Taylor G. Ethridge, Par A 86.60 Ac Mackelsfield – N/D, $205,000

Mukesh J. Barot Tr. to Jayshree A. Bathia Tr., Inst. 09-5743 Oakwood Square – N-D, $400,000

Jayshree A. Bathia Revocable Trust to VPH LLC, Oakwood Square – N/D, $400,000

David T. Reed to Gale Brian, Lot 3 Lake Shores West – N/D, $301,000

Michael L. Smith to Richard R. Kimbrell, Lot 5 Belmont Terrace – W/D, $130,000

NVR Inc. to Ventwain Eason Sr., Lot 93 Ph 4A Benns Grant, $316,994

Florencio L. Gonzales to Ryan Zerby, Unit 73 Ph Lighthouse Commons, $214,900

Olivia E. Smith to R Squared Contracting LLC, Lot 15 Blk H Grimesland, $175,000

Travis M. Epling to Dale Tuck, Lot 35 Ph 1 Morris Creek Landing – T/S, $190,000

Christopher Anderson to Bridger C. Field, Lot 154 Ph 2 Sec 2B Founders Pointe – N/D, $515,000

Current Homes LLC to Donna H. Keith, Lot 43 Willow Oaks T/S, $309,000

Quinzell T. Brown to Ryan L. Anderson, Lot 15 Ph Holland Meadows  – T/W, $245,450

Theodore R. McGuire to Theodore R. McGuire, 5.235 Ac Par F Pt Carrithers, $0

Mary Tynes Mason to Almond Contracting & Consulting, Lot 24 Blk B W H Sykes, $20,000

Charles M. McGehee to Andrew C. Gibler, Lot 42 Ph 1 Willow Oaks, $346,000

Robert F. Sutherland to Jennifer Lee H. Cherry, Lot 44 Ph 3 Smithfield Manor – T/S, $195,000

Robert M. Smith to Marsha M. Smith, Lot 71 Waterford Oaks, $0

Patricia Jones to Milway Jones, 1.052 Ac Leigh Brock Jones – H/D, $45,000

Carrington Mortgage… to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Add Lot A Linwood Foreman – N/D, $61,770

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Grant Ethridge, Unit D. Bldg 400 Ph 18 Bridgewater, $120,000

Stephen Thomas Marston to Scott J. Blystone, Lot 4A Hazelwood, $266,500

Robert C. Boyce to Philip N. Nelson, Lot 4 Scotts Factory, $193,000

Like New 4U LLC to Like New 4U LLC, Boundary, $0

NVR Inc. to Peter Furnari, Lot 120 Ph 4A Benns Grant, $421,240

Kasey Lee Taylor to Margaret K. Bowden, 0.587 Ac Joyner Prop Walters Hwy – W/D, $0

Shane L. Taylor to Margaret K. Bowden, 0.587 Ac Joyner Prop Walters Hwy – W/D, $0

G&L Watson LLC to New Branch Community Church, Multiple Parcels – T/W, $75,000

Curtis E. Leggett to John Gray, Lot 46 Sec 2 Wrenns Mill Estates – H/D, $315,000

Cypress Investment to Dana K. Bartlett, Lot 224 Ph 5 Cypress Creek – T/S, $178,000

Canterberry Lane LLC to Ducote Enterprises LLC, Lot 2B Waterford – N/D, $205,000

Tidewater Custom Modular Homes to Nicholas A. Runner, 1.05 Ac Courthouse Hwy – H/D, $187,400

Scott W. Loftin to Carlos D. Thomas, Lot 128 Tr 2 Ph 4 Eagle Harbor – N/D, $363,000

Robert D. Webb to Joseph M. Thompson, Lot 9 Sec 3 Moone Plantations – T/S, $277,500

Curtis W. Brummett to Jeremy J. Young, 1.066 Ac Quaker Rd – N/D, $315,000

Yann P. Pirrone to Tidewater Custom Modular Homes, Lot 22 Sec 5 James River Heights, $22,550

Linh T. Le to Robert A. Missouri, Parcel Rt 258 Willie Edwards Prop – N/D, $203,000

Equity Trustees LLC; SU to Cozy Homes Inc., Inst. 09-5377, $62,100

Robert A. Harris to Robert A. Harris, Lot 200 Tr 2 Ph 5B Eagle Harbor, $0

Lance R. Davis Tr to Trustees Bethany United Methodist Church, Lot 203 Ph B Scots Lands – T/S, $320,000

David L. Neikirk to Michael E. Altizer, Lot 8 Tr 126 Sec 4 Smithfield Prop – T/S, $293,475

Richard W. Tynes Jr. to Richard W. Tynes Jr. Tr., Parcels Astrid St & 102.1 Ac Tynes Est Prop – N/D, $0

Kristine Flemming to Pascal Flemming, 1.23 Ac Par B Wilkerson Rescue Rd – N/D, $0

Donna Lee McDaniel to Nathaniel Howard, Lot 89 Ph 2 Wellington Park, $401,000

John Milton Beale Jr. to John Milton Beale Jr. Tr., Remainder 344.70 Ac J A Vaughn 61.33 Ac – W/D,$0

Bridger C. Field to Timothy Pressley, Lot 5 Sunrise Bluff – N/D, $325,000

Karen A. Hughes to Leander II Wheelehan, Unit 103 Ph 23 Lighthouse Commons, $216,000

Clarence H. Hubble to Clarence H. Hubble Tr., Lot 3 James River Heights – N/D, $0

Carolyn L. Honeycutt to Charles S. Honeycutt Jr., 2.353 Ac Rt 606 Pt  Braswell – W/D, $106,000

Micahel McLaughlin Quinn to James T. Breeding Jr., Lot 82 Sec 2 Waterford Oaks, $310,000

Dennis R. Payne to Michael D. Luter, 41 Ac Par B Wyland Prop – H/D, $85,000

Dennis R. Payne to Michael D. Luter, 103 Ac Par C Wy; and Prop – H/D, $230,000

Eagle Construction of VA to Paul Dean, Lot 251 Ph 2 Sec 2D5 Founders Pointe – N/D, $460,000

Pamela M. Jordan to Lee H. Jordan, 3.763 Ac Hwy 602 Jordan, $0

Pondview Farm LLC to Lee H. Jordan, 1.37 Ac and Add Longview – N/D, $1,000

Daniel L. Stanton to Daniel L. Stanton, 362 South Church St – T/S, $0

Kenneth P. Myers Jr. to Stuart M. Baiza, Lot 18 Quail Meadows – N/D, $450,000

Founders Pointe LLC to Eagle Construction of VA LLC, Lot 235 Ph 2 Sec 2D4 Founders Pointe – N/D, $95,000

Equity Trustees LLC; Su to Cedar Home Investments LLC, Inst. 11 – 0243, $106,000

Marian K. Edwards to Wendell V. Williams, 2.48 Ac Par 1 Remainder James W Wood – N/D, $395,000

Deborah L. Carwile; Tr. to Brain F. Scopa Tr., Lot 37 Sec 1B Cypress Creek – T/S, $535,000

EW Benns Grant LLC to NVR Inc., Lot 132 Ph 4A Benns Grant, $92,660

Mary Louise Koch; Tr. to Danielle N. Strohm, Unit Bldg 900 Ph 7 Bridgewater, $127,000

NVR Inc. to Morgan Blaine Pearsall, Lot 100 Ph 4A Benns Grant, $407,532

Robert E. Amato Jr. to Robert E. Amato Jr., Par 1 Pt Eloise P Luter – N/D, $0

Wells Fargo Bank NA to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 1.007 Ac State Hwy 614 & 0.124 Ac Add – W/D, $216,600

Jon A. Vogel Tr. to Jon A. Vogel, 8.98 Ac Par 11H Carroll Family Trust Prop – H/D, $0

Mildred B. Blow to Tracy B. Holeman, Lots 134 and 135 Jamestown Annex – W/D, $0

Michael R. Robinson to Paula O. McConnell, Lot 164 Sec 5 Waterford Oaks – T/S, $230,000

Gladys Beale Rose to D&T Properties LLC, Par Adj Bank St – T/W, $107,400

John R. Stallings Jr. to Michael R. Stallings, Lot 21 & PT Lot 22 Sec 8 Pagan Point – N/D, $100,000

Brandon C. Speight to Laura Engstrom, Lot 14 Ph 2 Willow Oaks, $232,000

Hampton Roads Builder to Hampton Roads Holding Company, 2 ½ Ac Tan Rd, $70,000

Jonathan M. Erwin to Jesse M. Erwin Jr., Lot 1 Johnson Acres – W/D, $100,000

Jeffery S. Turlington to John M. Erwin Jr., 6.98 Ac Lot F Days Point Land, $396,000

C Caldwell Properties to Hallwood Properties I LLC, Parcel J and L Properties Inc – T/S, $240,000

Samuel P. Davis to Robert J. Hale, Lot 194 Ph 4 Wellington Park – T/S, $328,000

Keith A. Weisser to Dennis Reid, Lot 9 Ph 1 Wellington Park – T/S, $394,200

IWC Residential Inc. to Flores Gregory L. Flores, Lot 16 Carrollton Manor – N/D, $434,000

Lucy Strange to Maria Carmen Kelly Tr., 1/3 Ac – W/D, $52,000

Janet H. Sasser Tr. to James K. Edwards, Par A Harold M Levinson Prop – N/D, $431,000

Edwin S. Herring Jr. to James R. Landry Jr., Unit 42 Ph 3 Woodbridge Eagle Harbor, $210,000

Keri Ann Gautjier to Keri A. Gauthier, Lot 33 Ph 2 Windsor Woods – W/D, $0

Jeffery F. Shackelford to Joseph C. Winn, Lot 6 Winterberry Place Gatling Pointe – N/D, $320,000

Timothy W. Bennett Jr. to Paul Robert Lucas, Lot 15 Moone Plantation Sec 4 – T/S, $280,000

William C. Branche to Dennis R. Woodard, Lot 23 Sec 6 Carl Beale Prop – T/S, $184,000

Lois P. Arthurs to Lois P. Arthurs Tr., Lot 100 Carrisbrooke Sec 1, $0

Barbara Carole Dixon to Corey Jones, 1.864 Ac Dixon Prop Ol Myrtle Road – W/D, $270,000

HHJV LLC to Ronald A. Ratliff, Lot 45B Ph 1 Church Square, $269,900

Bobby G. Buie to Leigh Ann Erdman, Tr 15 Six Ponds Farm H/D, $530,000

Bryan Heverly to Jason Kahn, Lt 153 Lawnes Point on the James H/S, $131,500